THE SECOND STORY | July 7th, 2011

It’s just time….

Blog photos and post: I took the San Francisco city skyline view photo just over two years ago during an evening bike ride at the former Alameda Naval Air Station aka Alameda Point.   For years so many have tried so hard to get something going at the Point.  It’s a virtual wasteland for the most part.   
Now that just might change. The Lawrence Berkeley Lab  needs to create a second campus because they’ve  outgrown the one they have now.  Alameda is  is on the short list of sites the Lab is considering (Richmond, Oakland, Albany, Emeryville, and Berkeley). 
And guess what Alameda has.  We have land and space.  Check out the city website that explains what the lab is, the impacts to Alameda, and why Alameda is a good match for LBL.
Join up this coming Wednesday evening at Alameda Point  for a free barbeque, rally, demonstration of support to the Lab powers-that-be, and a public meeting with those powers.  Details are in the second section on the city website.
If you can’t show up….but do the  FaceBook thing….you can “like” the project.  
Open houses this weekend (courtesy Alameda Patch) 

Quick Glimpses:  
Another busy week.  265 Center Court closed on Tuesday.  And Friday morning, the 8th, 316 Sunset Road closes.  I’ll be putting a fixer duplex on the market the beginning of this coming week.  Need to get the website together!
Unsold inventory this week  190, 185 last report
Pending inventory this week 99, 102 last report
Tuesday Broker Tour  5 properties, no repeats

BOM (back on market) 0

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember, this is only my perspective!
Get me a facelift (tie)  1304 Park Ave.  1328 Pearl
That’s a wrap!  Carry on!  If you have real estate questions…give a call.  I may be able to answer them, and if not, I’ll try to get those answers!  Enjoy the weekend!
best, marilyn

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