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Shorts sale…

 Last week was the first time I’ve not posted as planned since this gig started over 3 years ago. Google’s Blogger was not only down when I went to work on it, it was down for hours and hours.  And I got so busy with work there was no way to squeeze in time for the update. Plus I was handling a partner’s biz, too.

This week’s post will recap the past two weeks.

Blog photo:  Is this the start of something big?  Last year 3 containers.  This year 8!  And the lettuce and tomatoes and basil are growing crazy big!  Add to that I’ve started subscribing (3 weeks now) to Farm Fresh to You  so am getting a small box of mega fresh fruits and veggies for $15 every other week.  I just went on the website to modify my ‘don’t give it to me’ list since I don’t need more lettuce and greens with what’s going on in the backyard.  Today the small trade-it-back-in box came with 2 ears of white corn, 1 lb small peaches, 4 small lettuce heads, 1 bunch radishes, 1 lb Fava beans, 1 lb small potatoes, 1 bunch cilantro, 4 Midnight Valencia oranges, 1 Haas avocado.  Some of the selections are forcing me to try use new items I don’t usually work with: Fava beans, turnips, sweet potatoes, radishes, collard greens and the like.

IF you want to try it, use promo code 6164 and you get $5 off your next delivery.  If you mention my name,  it says I’ll get credited for a complimentary delivery but I’d rather that go to the Alameda Food Bank…so I’ll see if that can be worked out.  I’d rather it go to a group who can use it and I’ll keep paying for my own box.

For those of us who can’t pull it all together to figure out how to cook certain items, a newsletter is included in the box that has the descriptions of what’s in the box, news, and two recipes for items in the box.  AND they have a recipe library online.

Blog post:  I get emails from a companies I occasionally buy clothes from.  A couple of days ago I got one with the subject SHORTS SALE!  I was kind of amazed that the online store had a headline for short sales.  Then I realized it said SHORTS sales.  I didn’t open it up…not interested at the moment.  But I laughed because little did they know how many emails I do get about short sales, as in real estate.  The moment of chuckles passed quickly, and then it was back to work.

Speaking of short’s an article noting one guy’s experience with long,drawn out short sales.  And I  have clients going through a lender’s moronic, unexplainable actions right now.  There were two offers.  Then, unknown to me, a third showed up.  What, the listing agent said…didn’t I tell you?  No, not so much.  Then after several weeks, the offer the seller had selected to work with, dropped out.  I found that out right after I found out about offer #3.  So we were back to 2.

The place is a mess: appears to have moisture issues, abuse issues, ownership/deed issues, AND city-filed code compliance issues, but a decent location.  One of the two lenders is now countering my clients’ offer even though we have nothing in writing resembling an accepted offer by the seller (the upside down owner, who paid about 880K for it). The bank’s proposed price came in about 100K over what was offered and 30K less than the original list price!  And the agent relayed the fact that the lender had 32.5K of repairs saying that was taken into consideration by the lender.  Okay, so where is the list of repairs for 32.5K?  They won’t release it says the agent.  Hhmmm. says I.  I wrote back to the agent saying not only was the one lender’s position unethical, it was unlawful to have material facts and not release them.  Who are these idiots behind the banks?  I’d like to offer them a SHORTS sale.

Quick Glimpses – a good one on how we got 30 year mortgages and what may happen to them.

-My listing at 204 Best  in San Leandro got four offers a week ago Monday and went pending two days later.  Quick lesson to agents….don’t send a cover letter that explains the offer and stresses the price as 315K and the actual offer is for 283K.  The list was 289K and it did go over.  It showed great but needs work and
-The listing at 1545 C Santa Clara was dropped 30K to 435K and went pending four days later.
-The listing at 265 Centre Court was dropped 47K TO 448K and got an offer four days later.  Escrow is opened.
-My partner got an offer on a listing and that went pending…that was a long time on the market.
-I got a call on Monday from clients who wanted to see a property.  They wrote an offer on it on Tues and listed their house the next hour.  924 Del Mar is now on the market….it’s so quick we are still rounding up reports, but it is starting to get shown. If you don’t know where Del Mar is (street sign says Delmar) it’s one block long, one block west of Broadway, off Otis.  A delightful tree-lined street with lovely homes.  I have  five clients that live on that street or the corners of it!
-This listing at 1808 Main Street, took another drop in price from 149K to 129K.  That Seller says get it done!
-All listings, except Del Mar have website links on the right side of this blog.  Del Mar will have one shortly.

Unsold inventory this week…202, 201 last report
Pending inventory this week…104, 92 last report

Broker tour 16 with 1 repeat...rainy day…no bike ride for me!

Highest (more than one, covering this past 2 weeks) and lowest priced NEW listings this week 

Remember…some of these may be expired and/or withdrawn/canceled or pending, and showing up as BOM or NEW.  There is some hopping amongst the categories out there.

NEW 20
BOM 2 (back on market)
SOLD  16

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!

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