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Put on the brakes!

Blog photo and post:  Clients who have become friends (even with me not selling them a house yet!) came by an open house a couple of weeks ago and handed me a wrapped present!  It was the bag pictured on the left, purchased at Modern Mouse at Alameda Towne Centre, fast becoming the ‘go to’ place to get local stuff!

The design reminded me of when Carl and I first got here and a lovely lady from church took me to dinner over at the ‘go-to’ place at the San Leandro Marina.  Can’t remember the name of it.  We’re talking a LONG time ago.  She owned a local real estate office and little did I know I’d be in the same business several years later.  At the time I think I was just starting to work at the Sky Sailing Airport in Fremont (glider rides along  Mission Peak) and from there I got totally wrapped up in flying as a profession.

Anyway , Mickey Agnew was driving us back from dinner over the BFI bridge and she got pulled over by a police officer on Otis.  Ooops.  Now I was from the big city Newport Beach.  Imagine my surprise when the officer came to her door, looked in and said “‘Mrs. Agnew, you know better than to speed here in town.  Now you promise to slow down to 25 and I won’t give you a ticket.”   Once again, I had to wonder just what is this place we’ve moved to?  How does it happen that drivers and cops know each other by name?  She promised to be good.  No ticket.  No more speeding.

The canvas shopping bag says it all to me.  Come over the bridges or through the tube….SLOW DOWN! Even our Highway 61 is just a slow cruise. I wrote lyrics about Highway 61 to the tune of Route 66 for a Harbor Bay Realty Christmas party many years ago and a group of us sang it.

I’d like to figure out how to make a bike vest with the shopping bag message featuring iridescent reflecting letters so I could wear it when I’m riding day or night!

Shameless self-promo #1 – I’ve been doing The Second Story blog for 3 years come May 1!  I can’t believe it!  It was a leap of faith to take it up when I knew nothing about blogging except what my Blogging for Dummies book said.  Prior to that I’d been doing a weekly email blast for 10 years to clients who opted in to it.  Back in those olden days there were no links, no photos, just me hand typing descriptions of properties that I thought were interesting, talking a bit about the market, and giving some one-sided opinions.  What an evolution!  The scary part is not knowing who is reading this.

Here’s an example:  I was riding my bike along Mecartney on Bay Farm Island, during the broker tour maybe a couple of years ago.  A city truck pulled over about a block ahead of me.  The driver got out.  I knew him.  But I was trying to see houses so I couldn’t jaw around  He wanted to know the name of the inspector I casually mentioned in a blog post, who didn’t take off his dirty shoes while doing an inspection at a listing I had!  I said I wasn’t going to say since he could figure it out.  The point I was hoping to make was that we needed to act like guests in the properties we enter.  On my gosh, a city inspector was reading my blog!  I tried to act cool but that was the first inkling I got about how this blogging thing can work! He probably doesn’t remember but it made an impression on me!

Shameless self-promo #2!  May I direct you to a recent post I made (as in last night) on my for fun blog…Boomer Chick Musings.  It’s gotten quite a few comments from folks saying they were cracking up (could have been titled Prude at a Pleasure Party but I didn’t think of that then)!  If you choose to take a look and know someone who might identify with it…pass it along.  If you’d like to be included in a BCC email blast when I post on that blog, send a request along.  Easiest is to subscribe to it, just like you can The Second Story.  And it’s just as easy to unsubscribe….

Quick Glimpse: from the WSJ  
“Mike Morea and his family have outgrown the 800-square-foot, two-bedroom home he bought eight years ago in Seminole, Fla. He hopes the bank will approve a short sale for about $85,000 for a $50,000 loss. In December, Mr. Morea saw first-hand why buyers are more attracted to foreclosures: he bought one for himself, a $200,000 three-bedroom home in a nicer neighborhood 10 minutes away.

That’s what every seller is running into,” says the 31-year-old police officer. “Nobody is going to buy your home at retail price if there are 30 foreclosures available.”   

Now what am I missing here?  How stupid is this guy to use his name, admit that he’s bought a larger home, and now wants to short sell his smaller one?  I’m not feeling the love for the guy.  Am I losing it?

Read the whole article.

Open homes this weekend  thanks to Island Blog (you’ve got to click on the pdf for the list once you’ve hit the link).

Unsold inventory count this week 205, 192 last report
Pending inventory count this week 96, 96 last report

Broker Tour 13 with 1 repeat – a great day for a bike ride….around BFI back up towards the middle of the main island, then  the rest of the way to Alameda Point to show the little listing at 1808 Main, and then back home, toting a few things I got at the Farmer’s Market on Haight at Webster.  Go at the end…prices are very good!

Highest and Lowest priced NEW listings this week (you’ll notice that a couple are expired and then appear as new…those don’t count)

New  14
BOM (back on market)  5
Repositioned properties (price changes) 11
Pending  16 
Sold  9
Expired  2  
Withdrawn/canceled 1

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!

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