THE SECOND STORY | April 21st, 2011

Only in Mayberry. Well maybe in Alameda…

Blog photo: After some serious pruning (by experts) last fall, the Princess Trees became mulch, the yard was opened up, and for the first time in years there is a lovely view of the guy who lives in the backyard….Cecil Bruner, who also got a serious haircut back then.

I wasn’t sure how his name was spelled so I did a google search.  He is a she!  It’s Cecile Brunner!  So my new best friend, la Cecile, is getting ready for the once per year show she gives climbing up the back fence and just hanging out.

Blog post:  Have I said recently how much I love this town?  I know I’m not the only one because so many are so passionate about so many hot topics: pensions for employees, Alameda Point, a new (is it official?) city manager, the old city manager, all the lawsuits filed against the city by all the ‘wrongfully terminated’ employees (that would be the city attorney who took another job while still on our payroll, the former city manager, the former fire chief), the warnings about city finances by Alameda’s financial couple the 2Ksquareds (blogger doesn’t let me insert the small raised 2 for the symbol ‘square’).

Those two guys are Keven Kearney (City Auditor) and Kevin Kennedy (City Treasurer) – get it? 2Ksquared.  I’ve been calling them that for the past couple of years…I think I made it up but maybe not.    I linked above to a very direct interview done with Kennedy last Nov.  These guys put the Alameda  Power and Telecom mess in front of the city and city council a few short years ago, and now they are calling a spade a spade again.  And we should be very grateful.  Full disclosure – I don’t know either of them.

But when I see the stunned looks that say ‘moi?’ on the faces of 4 of the 5 city council members (the new guy Bonta wasn’t there until Dec),  having  personally either attended or watched city council meetings during which the 75M unfunded liabilities were discussed AND brought to the council’s attention by the former ICM (interim city manager) and the citizen-comprised Fiscal Sustainability Committee… I think I want to puke.

Good news?  In this town everybody has a say and says it!  Mayberry By The Bay….Alameda!  I LOVE IT!


Open Homes this weekend (not so many due to the Easter holiday…) the link from Island Blog isn’t working…boohoo and sorry!

Unsold inventory this week 192, 194 last report
Pending inventory this week 96, 95 last report

Broker Tour 11 with 4 repeats.
I actually got to go on the Broker Tour (wasn’t hosting a new listing open), and rode my bike!  When I got close to home while still pedaling around I stopped to change my rain garb clothes to summer, then later on I changed back to winter!

Highest and Lowest priced NEW listings this week.

New 12

BOM (back on market) 0

Repositioned properties (price changes) 13

Pending 16
Sold 12 

Expired 1
actually taken off the market some time ago but showing up as expired now

Withdrawn 2

ALAMEDA REAL ESTATE AWARDS THIS WEEK...remember this is only my perspective!
Get me a facelift (3 way tie!)

THAT’S A WRAP!  CARRY ON! If you celebrate the religious holiday, Happy Easter.  If you celebrate it Hallmark-style bite those chocolate bunny ears off gently, and have a joyous day either way!

Best, marilyn

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