THE SECOND STORY | February 17th, 2011

Oh, so close. The Buyer just walked away. Bummer. You just bought the house back.

You may not have liked them, may not have voted for most of them, but ya gotta love the system that allows us to elect ’em!  It’s President’s weekend.  Fly a flag!
 Marilyn Schumacher’s 5th Annual Shredding Party! 
Saturday, February 26, 9am – noon!
This is my gift to my clients, friends, and neighbors!
Bring your bags and boxes – no cost to you!
Most of you should have received details by now but call if you have questions! 
Blog post: The goal in a negotiation is to keep the door open, keep the conversation running. That’s not always possible when folks won’t budge. But keep the goal in mind.  One side wants to sell , the other wants to buy.  What will it take?
Here’s the second story….The parties are close on price.  The counter-offer that received no response from the buyer is now the price the seller just bought it back for.  Mr./Ms. Seller decided it was worth that much and he/she was the only one who thought so.  Thus he/she bought it.  Not so good.  Very humbling.  And it’s lousy to hear about it that way from your agent/broker who may have lived, survived, even thrived, through numerous down, downer, and way-down markets.  Motivation….yeah, that’s the ticket.

Alameda real estate this week…
OPEN HOUSES this weekend, courtesy of Island Blog.
Unsold listings this week 190, 191 last report.
Pending listings this week 68, 63 last report.
Tuesday Tour this week  4 with 1 repeat.  Not a good day for a bike ride  ūüôĀ

Highest and lowest priced NEW listings this week.

Alameda real estate awards this week….
Only 1….Winner  The lead photo looks like a standard tract house.  Not so much.  The lower level…striking!

Have a good weekend!  Stay warm!  Fly an American flag, if you’ve got one!  

Have market questions, need vendors?  Give a call.

That’s a wrap!  Carry on!  best, marilyn
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