THE SECOND STORY | January 7th, 2011

We’re baack! The whales in Maui and me in Alameda.

Blog photo: The only whale watch I’d been on was a dud in Newport Beach many years ago.  Sure, they give a ticket to try again but how would I know if I’d be down there during whale season.  But they were showing up in Maui so off it went! Though December is early in the season, we had a super nice show of waving fins, competing male whales, flukes, and humps on the humpback whales.  At one point a couple of them came to us.  And being on 45′ a hard-bottomed inflatable with 45 of my closest friends, gets you right on, almost in, the water.  And it’s less pretentious than the cat or trimarans.  Quicker too!

Blog post: I find it comforting that as I started to generate the links for what has been going on since The Second Story went into hibernation for the month of December, the process seemed almost new! That means I really took a break!

I did work on two offers clients received while away, had a couple of price reductions, did some tax challenge work for a client, valued 13 properties for the biennial review of their holdings for a LLC, plus numerous projects I bring that need my attention but don’t get it while at I’m at home.  For the first time in 28 years, the Neighborhood Watch list is on a spreadsheet and disbursed to all the participants.  I think I made 60+ calls to folks to get updated info and verify they wanted to be on the list.  And it got finished this past Tuesday.  Hallelujah and Happy New Year!

I get to do a lot of thinking.  Just trying to put the pieces of the real estate pie together.  I read a lot.  I bought a Kindle for the trip, eliminating the hauling of books.  I LOVE that device!  And I started reading the NY Times…for 60 days I get a free subscription.  And the best part of it?  It is great outdoors…no glare.  And the next best thing? I use the built in dictionary feature ALL the time!  Move the cursor before the word and in 1 second the definition is there…and more if you want it!  I no longer have to make up my own definitions because I’m either too lazy to get to a dictionary or a computer. Wow!

I read The Big Short by Michael Lewis in about two days.  It’s about the guys who bet against the way the morons on Wall Street were playing with credit swap defaults  and collateralized debt obligations.  I could follow about 90% of it.  Almost anything about Wall Street and government and elected officials these days makes me want to slap someone.  I just don’t know who. I’m still working on the John Adams bio.  It’s good but thick, not just the book (also now on Kindle) but I can’t do more than a few pages at a time. 

On to more pleasant thoughts.  I try to figure out what more I can do to better serve my clients. And I try not to think.  That is when most of the really productive ideas show up. Oh, and I play a bit of golf upcountry, ocean swim daily, snorkel,  and I don’t go in the pools because I’m a beach person.  I took some type of yoga lessons for 3 mornings, and took a ukelele lesson (quite fun).

And here’s my shameless self-promotion:  I started a blog for fun!  Not work.  I’ve got several posts up and responses have been good…it seems to be making people laugh and it’s also on FaceBook.  If you are curious check out Inside Out   Like this blog, if you want to be notified of a new post, send me an email and opt in….and I’ll send a BCC blast out to those who want to read it.   

And of course, it’s the time of year when I do want to remind you that if you don’t want to be part of this blast, my feelings aren’t hurt and I’ll take you off the list….that’s just good biz!  YET! If you think someone you know might like The Second Story or Inside Out, please feel free to share them.  That’s what blogs are for.

Back to work!

Alameda real estate this week..and a little before….
It’s been quiet when it comes to new inventory, as is typical at holiday time .  And loads of listings have expired. So today’s summary goes back to 11-26-10 through today.  We’ll get right to it.  Some of my online trade journals have changed their publication dates and/or morphed into something new

My listing at 305 Court had a price change to 585K from 600 in December.  Same with 325 Laguna Vista and it went from 500K to 485K

And I put a major big 1885 Victorian fixer duplex (BIG fixer) on the market this past Monday night.  It appears it will get multiple offers and the price is bringing people in from way out of town.  350K.  Check out 505 Pacific  The website has extensive info and photos.  My client went through a rather flawless amnesty approval for the second unit.  That’s the second time I’ve help clients with that in the last 18 months…both going very well.

Unsold listings this week 170, 185 last report

Pending listings 58  this week, 89 last report

Tuesday Tour – that’s easy there was 1 – 505 Pacific and it wasn’t raining and the sun was out YIPPEE!

Remember these go back to the end of November and may have gone through several status changes.
New  72

Back on Market (BOM) 20

Repositioned properties (price changes) 46

Pending 31

Sold 61

Market rejected properties (expired) 39

Withdrawn/canceled  34

Alameda real estate awards this week….

How about my new listing for Get me to Rehab?

Alrighty…it’s late!  Carry on!  Make it work!  Have a great 2011 – we’re all in this together!  

best, marilyn

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