THE SECOND STORY | October 7th, 2010

YAY for sunflowers! not so much for SunCal…

Blog photo and post: I’ve never planted a sunflower in my life so I’m a little unclear on the concept of how this got in the backyard! The best I can figure is the small 6 pack of marigolds I bought had a couple of stray seeds and voila! Sunflowers!

I’m thinking that SunCal, the developer who brought to Alameda a plan that got a bit oversized during the incubation period (like a sunflower) AND who decided to bring their Alameda Point product to the voters of Alameda earlier this year, who in turn roundly and soundly defeated the development proposal with 85% of the voters saying ‘not so much, buh-bye!’, may not be feelin’ the love right now.

In fact, I think that I’ve never seen a more inept corporation when it comes to public relations: suing Alameda right and left, ripping apart individuals in the community, working very hard to buy themselves some seats on the city council in the upcoming election…not so pretty. What’s super sad is those folks have no idea about how much ownership Alamedans have in the fate of their town! But I expect they will be finding out.

I’ll have some upcoming election observations in subsequent posts. But for now the theme that has evolved in my head is that we are not electing a mayor or city council….we are actually electing a city manager AND also denying SunCal a home here in Alameda, all depending on who is elected as mayor and city council members. Folks it will take three of the five seats to carry out the wishes of the electorate. Pay attention.

I’ve only been in this town since 1973 but have had the chance to absorb some of its history over the decades. This may be one of Alameda’s most critical elections, one that will shape the nature of our island and the quality of our lives well into the 21st century. Pay attention.

I’m attending a city council candidates’ meeting tomorrow, and have heard the mayoral candidates both at our Harbor Bay Realty office meetings and the Alameda Association of Realtors candidate meetings. After tomorrow’s gig I’ll feel a bit more comfortable about sharing my thoughts on the blog.

Quick glimpses:
Remember cash-out refinances? Here’s the cash-in version with a twist that may help you if you are in this situation.

Alameda real estate this week….
Note on the sidebar the websites are up for 1808 Main Street and 108 B Cypress, which were put on the mls last week. Also I put 325 Laguna Vista on the market this week, and that website is now live, too. I’ll be at Laguna Vista Sunday 2-4pm. Come by, say hi, check it out! Its a single level 2/2 off Bayview Drive, near Broadway, on the lagoon. 500K.

Oh when you see the new listings you’ll note Laguna Vista says price change. We’ve had it on a mls waiver for some time, and as you know I do work late at night….I input it as 499K, then reviewed the paperwork and found it was 500K, thus it went directly from new to price change in about 3 hours. aarrrggh!

Here are back stories to two listings.

You’ll see 345 Laguna Vista (mine is 325) showing up again. 2/01 it sold for 481K on a 469K list price. 2/04 it came on the market for 759K. No takers. 12-06 on the market for 899K. No takers. 5-07 850K. 6-07 839K, 8-07 829.5K. No takers. 7-10 699K. Another agent change and 10-10 699K.

Here’s another one that was called Alameda’s first ‘green’ home. 1533 Morton came on the market 4-09 for 969K. 6/30 dropped to 899K. No takers. Off market. 12/09 829K. 7/10 repositioned to 759K. 10.6.10 off market.

Unsold properties this week 213, 213 last report
Pending properties this week 65, 64 last report

Highest and Lowest NEW listings

Broker tour (it was a biggie 18, 6 repeats)

New 15

Back on Market 2

Repositioned 12 (I’m liking this new word for ‘price changes’)

Pending 8

Sold 8

Market-rejected properties
9 (getting used to this long phrase)

Withdrawn/canceled 12

Alameda real estate awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!

Winner, Bang for the Buck, Got Me a Facelift (my listing on Laguna Vista)

Get Me To Rehab

That’s it! YAY GIANTS! Pray for nice weather for the Blue Angels on Saturday for the Fleet Week festivities!

Enjoy your weekend. Carry on! marilyn

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