THE SECOND STORY | September 30th, 2010

Flyin’ high – the Giants and the Blue Angels!

FLASH! I received an email that the student in charge of the parade of the Royal Court at Friday’s Alameda High Homecoming (yeah, tonight) needs 3 convertibles for the ceremony. She’s got 2. Any ideas? I’ve put it out to The Second Story gang blast list, and posted on Facebook too. thanks! m

Double flash! Ben and Stephanie Anderson (Ben Anderson Motors on Park St. – dear friends and clients), came to the rescue and the show went on! YAY!

Blog photo: You’ll hear some serious noise this week for two reasons! Fleet Week is coming up and with it the fabulous (subject to weather) airshow over the bay. AND it’s GO GIANTS time if you are a baseball fan!

I took the Giants fans’ photo a couple of years ago. I just loved how intent they were!

And the Blue Angels photos were from our boat a couple of years ago, bobbing in the bay with 100’s if not 1000’s of similarly inclined spectators.

Blog post: I’m in school for two days this week. No, I’m not being punished, it’s by choice! It’s always good to tune in and stay abreast of the times. This class has about 50 participants, mostly from the immediate Bay Area, with some from Monterey and S CA. The experience range of the attendees is from 37 years in the biz to just 1 year.

Except for two short breaks and a short lunch, it goes non-stop each day 8:30-5pm. I’m already incorporating a couple of changes commencing with this post. See if you notice subtle re-wordings in the weekly summary portion. My thought is anything that gets one thinking a bit out of the box and questioning methods is a good thing.

Quick Glimpses:
FHA is getting rid of their foreclosure properties! The WalMart of real estate…
Downing sizing, right sizing it is THE trend NOW!

Alameda real estate this week….

Last Friday was a busy real estate day. I put a new listing at 108 B Cypress on the market. I canceled the listing for the 4 units at 1821 Encinal because it became clear to me that I was not able to meet the expectations of the owners. You’ll see it shows up as a new listing with another company. And my client at 207 Harbor Road got an accepted offer on her property in one week.

This past Monday I added another listing on to the MLS at 1808 Main Street and both Main and Cypress (stock co-op units at the west end) will be open on Sunday 2-4. Come by and say hi, see what these are all about, and perhaps this alternative type of ownership (part of a stock cooperative/corporation) may be a solution for someone you know who wants all the benefits of Alameda and ownership but in a different and very affordable manner! The websites for Cypress and Main will be hot on Saturday and they are full of info and details.

Unsold properties this week 213, 211 last report
Pending listings this week 64, 69 last report

Highest and Lowest NEW properties this week

Broker Tour 9 with 3 repeats

New 14

BOM Back on Market 1

Repositioned 13 – no they didn’t get up and change location (aka price changes)

Pending 10 (back story to 1830 Alameda Ave) this is a probate sale so must be confirmed by the court. The minimum overbid required to get the property from the party that has the accepted offer is $609,500. This process protects the estate’s assets by ensuring that the real estate finds a proper market value. When this closes I may do a post about how this type of purchase/sale works.

Sold 12

Market rejected properties 7 (aka expired – you’ll see some of these back as ‘new’)

Withdrawn/canceled 8(you’ll see some of these back as ‘repositioned’ or ‘new’)

Alameda real estate awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!


Cute & Charming, Bang for the Buck

That’s it for now! I have a homework assignment to do! Carry on! Enjoy the autumn leaves, baseball, and fly-byes!

best, marilyn

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