THE SECOND STORY | July 22nd, 2010

Maui memories are made of these….

Blog photos: The last night with a roaring sunset, S&S, and E&E, viewed from the Lahaina Yacht Club during our wait for a delicious dinner. Lanai is on the left of the horizon and Molokai is on the right edge.

Gang photo before my brother and his family headed back to Florida: from left: me, Sean, Teddy, Sutter, Delaney, Tim (my brother), Kim, Evan (Mr. tall guy), and Erin.

Here are some clues that might give you a sense of what took place the past week and a half:

10 days
9 friends
8 (ate) a lot
7 in the water-carved rock pool at the blowhole
6 runs to the airport
5 wahines
4 ocean FRONT condos
3 points of origin (CA, Florida, New Zealand)
2 heavy duty West Maui Mountain road cyclists

And how cool is it to be able to say my family members are all my friends? It’s very, very cool.

Quick glimpses
Data mining and your take-out orders
-Keep an eye out for attractive, good jumbo loans
-Who’s jumping into the real estate buying pool?

Alameda real estate the past two weeks…
One set of my clients had a listing go pending and another set of clients got an accepted offer all within 3 days of when I left town. So it was busy just before departure! I am so blessed to be able to do work while I’m gone…but I couldn’t keep on pace without my wonderful real estate partner Coly Young, giving me backup support here in Alameda. And I do the same for Coly and her husband Tom, when they head out for time away. Thank goodness for the tools we have now to be able to service clients long distance, especially when I’m in Alameda and they may be around the world!

Here’s a back story:
3030 Thompson sold in 1997 for 307K, then in 2003 for 685K, then in 2007 for 840K. Then 9 months later it was on the market for 839K. It didn’t sell. Now it’s on the market as a short sale for 689.5K

When you see the links below, they are recaps of the past two weeks. Some new listings may have gone pending, expired listings may be showing up as new, and the like.

Active listings 185, 189 last report
Pending listings 77, 79 last report

Tuesday Broker Tour – 10 with 5 repeats. No awards this week…I was following fish, and admiring sunsets, and sharing time with family.

Highest and lowest priced NEW listings

New 16

BOM (Back on Market) 0

Price changes 10

Pending 21

Sold 21

Expired 6

Withdrawn/canceled 11

Next week I’ll be more up to date….maybe we’ll have some awards to share!

All the best, Mahalo and much Aloha from San Francisco Bay’s best island – Alameda!


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