THE SECOND STORY | June 10th, 2010

My first time….

Blog photo: I took this a week ago about 8:30pm out at Alameda Point. It was cool, windy, and the sky looked a bit promising. So I turned off the barbecue and headed west. What I didn’t expect was being able to see the low fog pattern that had been prevalent the better part of the week, day after day. Check out the photo and see the super low fog under and behind the Bay Bridge. It was classic finger fog stretching just beyond Angel Island during the day and then dissipating as it got closer to the East Bay shore.

Blog post: I’m going to talk about my first time. My first time was Wednesday evening. That’s a hook, isn’t it? Gotcha. I mean my first time in the new(ish) Alameda Free Library main branch as a patron, user, observer, rather than a book-donor running in to make a drop and grab a donation slip on my way out. I actually went in to find some books. And I got a library card. The last time I used one was probably over 25 years ago, at the Carnegie Library site (Oak and Santa Clara). That building has been vacant for years, waiting for money and purpose to bring it alive again.

It was just before 7pm. It was quiet (duh), really quiet, sans small kids. Many adults were using many of the 70 computers that are available to patrons. I found only one of the six books I was looking for on the shelf so took it to a table/desk and started to read. Then I’d look up to see what everybody else was doing. They were reading, too. Or reading online. And they weren’t looking around. It was comfortable. And a big improvement over the Carnegie.

Then I checked my book out. There is no more stamping of cards in the front of the books. And they don’t slide new cards with the return date into the front cover inside pocket/slot. Instead I got a digitally generated Return Receipt saying I had to check it back in on June 30 or I could go online to renew the checkout date. The attendant said I could check 50 books out. Hhmmm. Don’t think I’ll do that. But I do think I’ll come back for a second time. And I hope it’s as nice as the first.

Quick glimpses:
Refi to a 20 year loan? My comment – consider sticking w/ the 30 year loan but pay it down quicker. That way you aren’t jammed with a high payment the month you need new tires for your Prius! There is serious money to be saved by making the equivalent of one extra payment per year, and easier and accelerated quicker if you divide it into 12 equal payments and make one per month. Just be sure it GOES TO THE PRINCIPLE PAYDOWN!

And this has nothing to do with real estate. My long time glider pilot buddy (over 38 years) sent me an update about his flying. He’s been soaring like crazy around the world since Apple decided his long-term career was over…Check out soaring in New Zealand – Sutter and I flew at this site a few years ago and while my flight was not over the mountainous terrain that day, it was close by. It really is a lot like the Sierra, and I have spent some time in the skies soaring there. I shared the link with S&S in NZ and E&E in SD, and Evan wrote back “Looks like a lot of fun (and somewhat terrifying). My momma did that!” Yep, I did. It’s been about 5 years since I was current in airplanes and gliders – last flew both kinds of planes in the Sierra then. And to think a young husband introduced his young wife to flying and gave her confidence, guts, and the world by doing that. hhhmm…maybe….

Alameda real estate this week…
My clients bought a house today. Their offer came together in less than 5 hours from when it was written. 319 Laguna Vista

My clients rented their condo at 933 Shoreline #306 so we took it off the market. A nice thing to do for the new residents, don’t you think?

Active listings 173, 166 last report
Pending listings 82, 84 last report

Highest and Lowest priced NEW listings

Tuesday Broker Tour 11 with 3 repeats

New 14

BOM (back on market) 2

Price changes (quite a few!) 13

Pending 12

Sold 13

Expired 0


Alameda real estate awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!
Get me a facelift

Get me to rehab – quick! This is the mystery house, aka ‘the reindeer house’. I saw it on Tuesday and it sucked the life out of me. It needs everything. This makes the Gold Coast classic at 1200 San Antonio look like a steal – and it very well may be for the right owner. It’s got everything our rehab award winner doesn’t – on every level.

Bang for the buck

Got me a makeover!

Concert at the Cove is Friday evening!
See ya there? Outta be good… a 14 piece Michael Jackson tribute band! 1-2-3! It should be a thriller and it will be bad. I’ll be there and so will Billie Jean. I never can say goodbye because we’ve got a good thing going here!

Have a great weekend! Carry on! Make it work! Share the smile on your face with a stranger. Best, marilyn

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