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Alameda is small: 6 blocks of separation…try it!

Post photo: With all that the country is facing on the home front, it seems appropriate for me to pause and remember why we’ve got a three day weekend coming up. Financial messes, oil spill disasters, unemployment…I’m not one for making lists of awful things BUT it seems that the wars we are fighting overseas have just fallen off the map. Literally. Maybe you’ll be flying our flag, daylight hours, over the weekend, remembering those who have sacrificed so much for so many they would never know. All in the name of freedom. (I took this photo on the return ferry trip from a Giant’s night game a couple of years ago – it was flying off the stern of the boat.)

Post title: Many of you know the play Six Degrees of Separation. The premise is that each of us is only 6 connections away from connecting with everybody. It’s the ultimate World Wide Web! Many years ago, my daughter Sutter and I came up with a slightly tighter notion for Alameda. We are all only “Six BLOCKS of Separation” away from everybody on this island. Now that defines a small town! Try it! Take a name of somebody in Alameda. Take another Alamedan’s name. Figure out who they each know within six blocks see how they are connected. You might be surprised! Maybe this is the ultimate MySpaceFacePlacebook rooted on the earth, not cyberspace!

FaceBook is getting a bit weird for me. First, I think I’m getting over it the whole thing. Who are some of these people who want to be friends? I don’t think so! I’ve elected to put a bunch of controls on my site and if anybody I don’t know wants to do some behind the scenes homework about me, they’ll be able to link to my website and my blog. That’s it. I mean really – just how much trivial stuff of people I haven’t known for 40 years do I need to know today? The answer – not much!

Don’t get me wrong. FB has had a very sweet place in my life the past year and it has been nice to reconnect with some special, long, lost friends. But life is now, and that was then.

My “Word-Verb o’ the Week” is ‘un-friend’ as in ‘I’m un-friend-ing some people on FB.’ I guess it’s cypberspace spring cleaning. If somebody I do know wants to friends, we can work it out.

Right vs Right – Ethics is not about right vs. wrong. That is obvious. Ethics is about how considerations are made when an ethical dilemma (two right options) or trilemma (three right options) or more, are involved! I’ve added a link in the sidebar section to one of my favorite organizations – The Institute for Global Ethics. The work they do in schools, on the corporate level, in government agencies including countries around the world, is not only impressive but imperative in this day and age. I’ve also included a link to their “Blog-poster’s Code of Ethics” that I’ve been saving in my email since I read it last December. And I will abide by it.

Years ago, I gave Sutter and Carl the gift of attending one of their seminars in S. CA. (not that they needed it). Then I had the privilege of going to their corporate offices in Maine and taking one of their three day trainings. What an incredible, dedicated group, and a rather intimidating small group of attendees: corporate heads, US Air Force officer in charge of ethics training, small town council person, retired self-made millionaire, teachers, and then there was….me.

Quick glimpse Google loans? This site is a lot more consumer friendly than others….

Alameda real estate this week…

I took the chance and rode my bike on the tour….despite the impending rain. It was wonderful and the sprinkles started one block from home at the end of the end to end main island tour that day. Nifty!

Active listings this week: 161, 154 last report
Pending listings this week: 98, 100 last report

Highest and lowest priced new listings

Tuesday Broker Tour
11, 2 repeats

New 14

BOM (Back on Market) 3

Price changes 7


Sold 12

Expired 4

Withdrawn/cancelled 6

Alameda real estate awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!


Bang for the Buck, Get me a Facelift

Bang for the Buck (yep, we’ve got two!)

Carry on! Wrap it up! Enjoy the long weekend! Take a moment to honor the holiday on Monday.

All the best! marilyn

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