THE SECOND STORY | May 20th, 2010

It’s more than business. It’s personal. Trust.

Blog photo: This is courtesy of my clients and dear friends, Darren and Suki and their glorious back yard that is reaping unexpected treasures! After closing on their local short-sale purchase a few months ago and immediately making it their own by sealing leaky doors and windows, and cleaning and painting, they attacked the front and backyard jungles. It was late winter and Suki wasn’t even sure of what she was pruning and cutting away. Last week at the Concert at the Cove we saw each other and they raved about the bounty! I asked for a photo…and voila! I’ve never seen cherries grow in Alameda.

Blog title: One of the fine benefits of living on an island is a solid sense of community. And we sure have that here with lots of passion about all subjects Alameda. I never cease to be amazed at the accessibility of those holding elected office, those in city management, and those who volunteer in all phases of community in our town, from kids’ organized sports, theatre productions, school classrooms, the library cafe, Midway Shelter, the list might just be endless!

For example – While at lunch with a group of church buddies Sunday at the South Shore Mickey D’s, I saw Horst Brewer, member of our Alameda Economic Development Committee. I stopped to say hi and ended up getting a nifty view of Alameda politics. It was food for thought…much better than the fare offered by the place he and his son, and me and my friends chose for a meal. Face time – probably more good for me, than for him.

Another example – The Alameda Association of Realtors initiated a revamped Marketing Meeting last Tuesday in the form of a breakfast at Jim’s on the Course. It was well attended, well-planned, and had our Police Chief Walt Tibbets, and Development Director Leslie Little and AUSD Board Member Mike McMahon. It’s good to have City folk in attendance. They get a view of the Realtor world and that helps others keep informed about issues and concerns. Mutually good for all of the groups represented.

Chief Tibbet and some of his officers have stopped by the annual Neighborhood Watch “National Night Out” event we’ve hosted at our house (for probably 20 years). He graciously answers questions of those in attendance while we enjoy Costco cake and bottled water. Good for him and good for the ‘hood.

Leslie Little and I met up for coffee one evening a couple of months ago, prior to a City Council presentation she had to make that night. We’d attended numerous meetings of the The Alameda Chamber of Commerce Government Relations and Economic Development Committee but had not spent time just one on one. Good for each of us – as we learned a bit more of our back stories.

One day probably five years ago, I was at City Hall 3rd floor to get some info in the Clerk’s office. Mayor Johnson passed by. I said hi, re-introduced myself and next thing I knew we had spent two hours talking in her office. Good for me…not sure if it was good for Madame Mayor but she clearly wanted to talk.

Last Tuesday, to my surprise I ended up spending over an hour, one on one with Mike McMahon right after last Tuesday’s Realtor meeting. We talked schools, politics, and all things Alameda. He is the only Board member who has maintained an amazing blog about AUSD. He shared a couple of other links with me that he authors. See the links to the right. I think good for us both, each trying to get a grasp of how we think and what it is we do.

Meeting people is about figuring out how somebody got where that somebody is! It doesn’t mean I have to agree with the one espousing an opinion. I see my job as a human being to ask non-moronic questions, and then listen.

As I rode my bike west to a client’s home this evening, sun setting near the end of a cloudless day, I realized I’ve been enveloped by the most overwhelming sense of gratitude for what I get to do for my work, and for the folks I get to work for. And it’s been all day long. How cool is that?

Alameda real estate this week…

Active listings this week 159, 154 last report
Pending listings this week 99, 100 last report

Highest and lowest priced new listings

Tuesday Broker Tour 12

New 12

BOM (back on market) 0

Price changes 7


Sold 9

Expired 5

Withdrawn/canceled 3

Alameda real estate awards this week..
.remember this is only my perspective!

The Grand Dame

Cute, Charming

Bang for the Buck and Out of Rehab

Get me to Rehab

So that’s a wrap! Carry on! Hope the weekend is dry…enjoy it!

best, marilyn

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