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Peeling away the layers…..

Blog title and photo: Psychologists tell us we need to peel away the layers that cover up our problems and then deal with them. Sound enough logic and often very healing. In Alameda we’ve got a spin on that. Property owners dedicated to the preservation of old buildings, well, actually those with a sense of adventure and pride of ownership, as well as a sense of stewardship, will sometimes decide to take the leap and peel off (or grind, or saw, or wrestle) the stucco that somebody applied in the guise of reducing maintenance and at the same time reducing aesthetics.

And amazingly enough, as ugly as the stucco is/was, very often it really has preserved the original siding and trim patterns beneath it. We’ve lots of examples but one of the finest I’ve seen in many years is the Victorian at 1837 Clinton, corner of Lafayette. Many of us in the neighborhood have prayed for this to take place. It has been mostly ignored as a rental over the decades – but not so much now! We’re eager to see if he does the same to the property to the west, which may reveal lovely details as well.

Thursday night lights:
I just returned from a lovely evening at The Alameda Theatre event (for the past two years) called Project YouthView, the 6th Annual screening of film shorts by high school kids from around the area. Besides showing the selected student shorts, an independent film is shown and this year it was absolutely terrific – Prom Night in Mississippi . For those of us in in the Golden (?) State, it is nearly incomprehensible that segregation is still as prevalent in the south as this movie illustrates.

The event was developed by Alternatives in Action, “a non-profit that works with youth who have leadership potential and prepares them for college, career and community.” And it’s all here in Alameda. Please see their website to find out about their charter high school, preschool, and the Home Project. It is quietly transforming lives, significantly, all at 1900 Third Street, off Atlantic, near Alameda Point.

My dear friend, who has been involved with the school almost since it’s inception, shares the success stories and the students’ triumphs over adversity with me. Heartwarming and inspiring!

Quick Glimpses:
What’s a ‘strategic’ mortgage default?
Buying a foreclosure – a primer
Shopping for a mortgage – people spend more time shopping for a car (BYW, it is very important that consumers do their own homework, even though I often will refer my own clients to lenders who most likely can give them the best combination of rates, terms, and performance. And to that end, if I do not know the lender a client wishes to use, I’ll ask permission to make a contact and ask lots of questions myself, explain how I work, and explain our customs here in Alameda as well as my expectations so we can, as a team, get the job done.)

Alameda real estate this week….

Lots of pending sales this week (do ya think it had something to do with having to be in contract by the end of the month to get the federal tax credit?), and quite a few closings this week, too.

Active listings this week 149, 158 last report
Pending listings this week 106, 107 last report

Tuesday Broker Tour 11


Price changes 7

BOM (Back On Market) 1

Pending 17

Sold 15



Alameda real estate awards this week…
remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week, Out of Rehab, Cute Charming a trashed out stucco (yes, stucco is fine on many bungalows) bungalow has lovely updating, upgrading, and restoring done in a light, bright manner. We can all take lessons.

That’s a wrap! Carry on! Enjoy the weekend. best, marilyn

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