THE SECOND STORY | April 23rd, 2010

Alamedans take their trees very seriously…

Post title and photo: One of the joys of riding my bike regularly around town – on the Broker Tour, meeting clients at properties, delivering documents (if we aren’t signing electronically via Docusign or using email), running errands, or just taking a cruise – is seeing things that I’d miss if I were driving.

A week ago last Tuesday while previewing properties on the tour, I rode by a crew working on taking a tree down on Gibbons at Central. It was huge vertically and in girth.

This past Tuesday, without realizing I was going by the same spot, for some reason I glanced over and saw the tree was down. But it wasn’t just down….there was stuff on the huge trunk. As I turned around I realized somebody (or somebodies) had made the site a memorial. Flowers were placed on the base of the trunk and a candle had been lit and placed there also.

Gibbons Drive, one of Alameda’s finest tree-lined streets, has been a target for removal of damaged, diseased, or sidewalk-damaging trees for years. Those gorgeous specimens are not easily relinquished by local residents. That concern is part of what has lead to the city coming up with a tree policy for 94501 and 94502. Lots of experts and Alamedans have had lots to say. And that’s all good…

…and only fitting. If you look up the word Alameda in a dictionary you’ll find some variation on the theme of ‘tree-lined promenade, park, or parkway.’ And that is one of the most immediate features I remember as I drove into Alameda over the High Street Bridge and up Gibbons for my first time in 1973. And that marvelous first impression has never left me.

YAY for Gibbons and the coordinated effort that will preserve and increase our tree stock throughout town.

It’s even later than usual, having seen Sweet Honey in the Rock, an incredible acapella group of six black women at Zellerbach Hall, part of the Cal Performances events. That being said, I’m keeping the blog short and sweet, especially after last week’s rant!

Alameda real estate this week….

Active listings this week 162, 162 last report
Pending listings this week 98, 91 last report

Highest and Lowest priced new listings

(I’m not including those that have been reinserted in the mls).

Multiple offers were received this week on Grove Street and 2040 Eagle, a triplex. Check those properties out on the pending link.

Tuesday Tour 8

New (a couple have been reinserted on the mls) 11

BOM (Back on Market)

Price changes 10

Pending 13

Sold 6

Expired 0


Alameda real estate awards this week…
.remember this is my perspective only!

Winner – check out the upgrades and paint colors in this condo – which in itself is a highly unusual floor plan for this location. It’s a winner.

Get me a Facelift – tie!

That’s a wrap….sounds like the next few days should be terrific weather. Perfect for all things outside. I’ve got to find a few minutes to finish re-potting the orchids – they didn’t like me this year….no blooms…but I’ve been advised to ignored them and they’ll do fine once that potting is done. I think it will be barbeque time too! Sweet!

Carry on! best, marilyn

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