THE SECOND STORY | February 25th, 2010

Finding Alameda

Post title – There’s ‘really old’ around here (80+ years), ‘old’ (60-80 years), ‘kinda old’ (40-60 years), and new (0-40 years). Well, those are my definitions of Alameda’s four real estate age groups.

Our featured photo is of some pages of a ‘new’ Alameda Times Star newspaper circa 1983. My client and I found this under a loose piece of linoleum in the enclosed front porch of the home he is in the process of buying.

The ad that jumped out at me was for the GOODBUY, ALAMEDA house ad. I am pretty sure it is close to Tarreyton Isle and Otis, the new (0-40 years) houses NOT on the lagoon side of Otis. I went on Google Earth to double check and my guess seems accurate. It is amazing how perfect the pages appear but we did not lift them up. You can see part of the real estate section, based on the ads of companies that don’t exist around here anymore. And how about that photo of a waving, campaigning Ronald Reagan. Some of you ‘old’-timers’ may even recognize names in the obits. That seems kind of morbid, doesn’t it.

Many of us with the ‘really old’ homes have found other interesting items. From bottom to top as we work on them and clear cubby holes out: glass medicinal bottles and dishes under our houses when we’ve done the big digs (foundations); and also, in our case, a stash of newspapers in our attic featuring Shirley Temple as a kid (a fetish? hmm).

The other ‘find’ I found recently in Alameda was the Wescafe located at 1536 Webster. I’d heard good things about it – how great the food is and how pleasant it is in the back patio! It was raining when I was there this week yet it was quite dry in the patio due to a lovely large awning that lets light through even with the cloudy day. I enjoyed a breakfast (small menu served all day) burrito that got finished for dinner! And two days later I bought sandwiches for friends. And the gorgeous desserts….most are baked on site! Yum!

Alameda real estate this week….

This is important if you are a buyer that expects a tax credit….

It looks like my clients will close on their short sale purchase today, Friday, (a challenging transaction to say the least) of 221 Central. YAY! The stories….

Active listings this week 116, 108 last report
Pending listings this week 84, 87 last report

Highest priced new listing
Lowest priced new listing

Tuesday Tour
(9 with 2 repeats)

New 9

Back on Market 1

Price Changes 3

Pending 7

Sold 9

Expired 0

Withdrawn/canceled 3

Alameda real estate awards this week…
remember this is only my perspective!

Winner, Bang for the Buck, Out of Rehab

Cute & Charming, Got me a Makeover

That’s a wrap! Carry on! Enjoy the weekend, rain or shine! marilyn

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