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No on B on Tuesday

(The winter garden is coming to life as evidenced by the camellia trees in our backyard. One is this light magenta color and the other is a bright pink. The phrases ‘good bones’ and ‘good bone structure’ are well applied to these bushes/trees. When they are too bushy the smooth gray branches are hidden yet they are as lovely to look at as the buds and blooms. I’ve found that making flower arrangements using the abundant lemons from the bush next to the camellias offers striking colors, a bright fresh look on dark days, and guests a rather surprised look at the combo! Simple works.)

Post title: If you haven’t heard we’ve got an election this Tuesday. One item to vote on. Do you want the SunCal plan for Alameda Point? I have the privilege of sitting on the Government Relations / Economic Development Committee of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce. Until now, the Chamber has not been known for taking strong stands much less taking the lead on a strong stand. The committee did extensive homework in researching Measure B. And it met with the proponents of B, including the developer, and various opponents. And there was direct questioning of each side about their positions.

Ultimately, the committee recommended to the Chamber Board of Directors a “no” position on B. The reasons involved business impacts, revenues the city should have that Measure B does not ensure, and the questionable methodology of developing Alameda Point by initiative. Others object to traffic issues and density issues. The Chamber stayed away from those issues…sticking to the function and purpose of the organization.

You may love or hate our city leadership. But I am convinced the way to get it done right out at Alameda Point (and I don’t even know what ‘right’ means), is through local government channels, not a master plan developer. It happened with the Harbor Bay Isle plan, citizen involvement effectively reducing the proposed number of homes vastly, from what was originally proposed. People spoke up and were heard.

And I can’t help but think that if folks had had a clue in the 1950’s when Utah Construction came through and started working on South Shore, that would have turned out very different.

We learn from our successes and failures. Often we learn more from the failures. And we can do it ‘right’ with Alameda Point. There will be a lot of give and take and a lot of passion. But it can be done. And it will be done.

We are fortunate that our citizens know they have a say that is heard here in Alameda and we aren’t afraid to say what we feel. And that is a huge part of government working. And there will be lots of conversations with those who want to be your representatives at the city level during the course of this year as we already start to see candidates for mayor ramping up for the November election.

Regardless of which way you lean…get out and vote. It’s not just a duty. It’s a privilege.

Jawing over the fence (items that may be chat worthy)…
What’s with the low inventory across the state?
Kiss down payment assistance programs good-by? Maybe…this is really good.
The government may be getting out of the mortgage markets. This is REALLY good!

Alameda real estate this week…

Active listings this week 101, 94 last report
Pending listings this week 79, 75 last report

Highest priced new listing
Lowest priced new listing

Tuesday Tour 6

New 11

Price changes 0

BOM (back on market) 2

Pending 10

Sold 1

Expired 0

Withdrawn/cancelled 2

Alameda real estate awards this week…

Winner if you like bungalows (the classic wood has been mostly painted but the house is nifty)

Cute/charming cuter on the inside…historical collection street (Burbank)

All righty! That’s a wrap…carry on!

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