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On the rocks, falling rocks, rockin’ sista….

Post/Title Story I took this photo my last full day in Maui in December. It was the only very cloudy and rainy (heavy mist) day of my stay. I decided to drive the paved perimeter road around the edge of the West Maui Mountains and saw amazing sights. The surf was roaring, the swells stacked up as far as I could see. The road is super narrow, and “Falling Rocks” signs on most curves spoke the truth about the slipping mountains and slippery road conditions. It’s a slow ride but well worth it. This is the best blow hole I’ve ever seen! The spray was straight up and the action non-stop with this angle of surf. If you look closely, you’ll see some of the dumbest people ever. Some people just don’t get the combination of monster surf, slick rocks, and an untamed Pacific Ocean.

I spent five days last week working on clearing my folk’s house out now that they are in assisted living. Well, I can’t say that I worked on it. Actually two dear friends volunteered their vacation time to come and help me. INCREDIBLE! Well, I can’t say they helped me. I can say they did it all! It was the most amazing gift to me. My dad and step-mom kept muttering that they couldn’t believe that people who didn’t even know them would come and do this for them. It literally was beyond my dad’s comprehension.

I had no idea what we’d be facing so I arrived the day before my friends flew in to assess the situation. I cleared out some cabinets of food and unidentifiable objects, determined that the obvious unsalvageable items were the first to get tossed, and that we’d go from there on day two. We took care of necessary financial business. The folks and I spent 7 hours together the first day – away from their apartment. We had deep and thoughtful discussions. We had about 3 hours together the second day. We had 2 hours together the third day. We interviewed two real estate agents, and the folks made the right decision about who to use and the house is now listed for sale. And we had 2 hours together with my rockin‘ step-sister the fifth day (she is so quick with the wit and solutions that she makes me look like a slug – we now call each other sista)!

The fourth day was the garage sale. Now here’s the deal on that – I don’t like garage sales. They bring out the worst in me. But Craig’s List makes it tons easier! 8pm Friday night I posted the sale for 9-2 the next day. 8:45am the first person showed up and it was determined that by far most of the people read about the sale via Craig’s List. The garage sale signs the agent put out were a nice addition.

We met marvelous neighbors and lovely strangers. Any money made was second to the fact that there was less to haul or have hauled away. At the end of the garage sale day and with just a couple of items remaining in the house, I gave in and wept profusely, overwhelmed by feeling that I had torn everything they’ve ever known out from under the folks. It was a way of grieving about role-switching, house and home, belongings and belonging, treasures and treasured. In the end, it was obvious that it was five days of mini miracles. And we were all blessed. Thank you Debbie and Donnie!

Now you know why I didn’t post last week. And unless something more interesting shows up for next week’s post, I’ll share some lessons I learned about garage sales, although you may already know them and have terrific lessons of your own to share!

Alameda real estate this week…

We closed 2815 Otis (my Seller) last Friday. We got lender approval for the short sale at 221 Central ( my Buyers) on Tuesday. We got an accepted offer on Clinton (my Seller) a week ago last Tuesday. We closed 1209 Eagle (my Sellers) the day before Thanksgiving.

Active listings this week: 96, 130 last report (Nov. 20)
Pending listings this week: 70, 81 last report (Nov. 20)

Tuesday Tour 7 (this week, although I’ve was on the tour both last week and this week)

Highest price new listing (this week)
Lowest priced new listing (this week)

The following categories go back to Nov 20 for the the solds, pendings. expireds, and withdrawns. Please realize that some of these may now be appearing as active on the market, even new or pending. We’ll get back to the weekly update details starting next week.

New 8

Price change 7

BOM (back on market) 2

Pending 47

Sold 72

Expired 28

Withdrawn/cancelled 24


Alameda real estate awards this week…

Bang for the Buck

Cute, Charming

Get Me to Rehab


So back on schedule, as best I can control (freak) it. Enjoy your weekend. It sounds like big rains starting on Sunday? You can get free sand bags from the city yard off Grand Street near the estuary (take a left before the ramp). Use them to block/prevent debris from going into the already overworked drain system.

Carry on! Happy New Year – I can’t believe January is already half gone!

best, marilyn

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