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Gorgeous Glorious Gibbons

(It is so great to get lovely contributions of scenes around town! This came from a client, Terry. He’s seen plenty of autumn color over the years since he was raised here in Alameda, but now lives out of state. It was taken December, 2008. I couldn’t wait to use it! Beautiful and thanks!)

Post/Title Story:
Year in and year out we seem to have the constant battle to preserve those incredible liquid-ambar trees that line Gibbons. Yep, the sidewalks are crunched into concrete molehills because of them, but they are rather like reliable friends….colorful at times, providing protection from direct hits (of summer sunshine), messy, but staunch and upright most times. They have provided the opportunity to test rubber-based sidewalk repairs the past few years. Those patches are found around Alameda. I notice them when I walk at night and there is a slight change in the feel and sound of the surface under my shoes. The Gold Coast has some of them.

But we’re not the only city I like that has concrete rising like the moon. I took these photos in Corona del Mar a couple of years ago. As of a few weeks ago the sign is still there! That’s one way to treat the hazard. Of course they could turn it into a skate ramp.

My understanding is that Gibbons Drive is named after W.P. Gibbons, founder of the California Academy of Sciences. He apparently had an interest in rainbow trout.

A timely transition from trout to turkey to table manners: I love this contribution from a dear friend. And after the many (not all) pushy, grabby, little munchkins that came round last Saturday for tricks or treats, it’s time for parents to raise the bar and insist on some manners! The friend who sent this is a GUY who has two kids under 8 years old! My feeling is once kids can hold a fork, it’s time to introduce some civility at the table. This sounds and reads ancient because it’s what we were taught in more ‘proper’ times but I loved being reminded of the simple things.

Simple table manners your parents taught you to live by:

  1. Come to the table promptly when the host(ess) calls you. (Food tastes better when it is hot.)
  2. Sit at the table with the four legs of the chair flat on the floor. Sit straight, with your feet in front of you.
  3. Sit quietly with your hands in you lap until after the blessing or until the host(ess) starts passing the food.
  4. Wait for the food to be passed to you.
  5. As soon as the food is passed to you, take some and pass it on. Never leave a serving dish beside your plate. Wait until all of the food has been offered before you eat.
  6. Never butter your bread directly from the butter dish. Put butter on your butter plate, break the bread apart and spread.
  7. Do not talk with your mouth full.
  8. Do not make biological noises or blow your nose at the table.
  9. Keep you elbows off the table and one hand in your lap.
  10. Never wave silverware around while eating.
  11. Do not use your finger to push food onto your utensils. Use the knife as a guide.
  12. Do not lick your fingers or wipe your hands on the tablecloth.
  13. Do not pick crumbs up with your fingers and put them in your mouth.
  14. Do not stuff your mouth with food. Make use of your napkin so you do not offend others.
  15. Keep the conversation pleasant.
  16. Allow your host(ess) plenty of time to finish his/her meal before serving dessert.
  17. After the meal is over, help clear the table before dessert is served. Leave water glasses, cups, and saucers.
  18. Never pick up a dessert dish and hold it in your hand while you eat.
  19. Never eat and run. Remain at the table until the host(ess) suggests you go elsewhere. Children may ask to be excused.
  20. Offer to help with the dishes. Do not insist on helping if the host(ess) does not want help.
  21. Always thank the host(ess) for the invitation.

Jawin’ on the front porch (articles of interest that might be worth sharing?)
Build it now…but be smart
The buyer tax credit is sticking around…and it it’s not just for first-timers!
Equity lines of credit….not so much these days even when you have loads of equity!

Alameda real estate this week….
Last Friday we closed the condo on Otis. I’m writing an offer tonight. I’ve been told an offer is coming in on another listing I have. Folks, it’s not dead out there….but it can be a challenge to get all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together just right. It takes loads of patience on both the buyers’ and sellers’ parts, and shear tenacity on the parts of the escrow officers and loan officers. When you’ve got a good team….it is very evident. Each member is at least two steps ahead of the transaction. They apply recent experiences daily to each transaction. YAY for excellent teams!

Active listings 122, 130 last report
Pending listings 81, 91 last report

Tuesday Tour 5

Highest priced NEW listing
Lowest priced NEW listing

New 10

Back on Market (BOM)

Price changes 10

Pending 12

Sold 18

Expired 7

Withdrawn/canceled 6

Alameda real estate awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!

Get me a facelift

Got me a makeover

That’s it! Have a good weekend! Carry on! best, marilyn

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