THE SECOND STORY | October 15th, 2009

A little humor….YAY!

(A skinny contractor, we’ll call him Bones, complete with a cell phone rubber-banded to his ear and dressed in appropriate contractor attire, is finally first in line at the former Alameda City Planning and Building Department, now known as Community Services. In his hand is an evaluation survey with the title “How are we doing?” It’s got a date of 2005 on it…and his comment “Still waiting!”)

Post/Title Story: It seemed strange to see a BIG Halloween poster in the hallway outside the Community Services Dept. Then I walked into the offices! Holy Cow! I haven’t seen that many Halloween decorations including loads of skeletons since I was in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland! It seems another feather should be placed in the cap of our Interim City Manager, Ann Marie Gallant. She has brought levity where things have been somewhat grim due to extensive layoffs, and created a fierce competition between city departments as they vie for which has the best Halloween decor! The coveted prize is pizza for all in the winning section.

If you have a chance to wander through YOUR City Hall, check it out. First the building is wonderful. But the contest – well, it’s amazing, and refreshing. And that’s coming from someone, me, who is not a fan of Halloween! Well done! I might add, that except for the extended period it takes to get inspections, the staff/team have, in my opinion, done a marvelous job of not only adapting to dramatic staff reductions and changes but have been providing service with a smile, and bringing a vigor towards initiating efficiencies in processes that have not been questioned for years, maybe decades. BRAVO!

Alameda real estate this week….
I put a new listing on the market on Tuesday.

1038 Mangrove is a 4/2.5 detached Patio Home on Bay Farm Island in the Garden Isle neighborhood. It is immaculate, shows well and is priced at $588,000. It last sold for 670K in 2005, and unfortunately this is a short sale. It’s over 2000 square feet, based on county record. Unlike many owners in this situation, the owners have obtained both pest (interior is certified) and property inspections so any buyer will have loads of confidence in the property. It will be open Sunday 2-4pm. Come check it out! Here is the virtual tour.

Active listings 130, 132 last report
Pending listings 117, 124 last report

Tuesday Tour 5

Highest priced NEW listing I think this came in after I posted last week…
Lowest priced NEW listing

New 6

Back on Market 1

Price Changes 4

Pending 6

Sold 10

Withdrawn/cancelled 5

Alameda real estate awards this week….
remember this is only my perspective!


Bang for the Buck

That’s a wrap! Hope you stayed dry during that downpour! Enjoy your weekend!

Carry on! marilyn

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