THE SECOND STORY | October 8th, 2009

Cleaning up, clearing out, – it’s my autumn ritual.

(This blast of color is in the backyard. Severely pruned last November when a fence was installed, the pyracantha has gone crazy the last couple of weeks. I looked out to the yard on Tuesday and caught the last couple of minutes of low, strong sun on it, and ran for the camera.)

Post/Title Story: Every year I think spring might be my favorite season. And six months later I am once again completely swept off that notion when fall rolls around. And speaking of being swept, it’s my time for bringing in the big guns, the pros I count on for the annual carpet and area rug cleaning, the clean sweep of the exterior drains around the house (particularly those that run underground), the windows are washed inside and out (including the panes that make the front porch partially enclosed), I hose down the front porch, clean the re-usable furnace filters (those were a great idea many years ago and still are), change out the pillow covers on the living room love seats, hang a wreath of some type of vines, and take the orchids from the back porch to the front porch. A couple of those jobs still need to be done this weekend. I get the gutters cleaned AFTER the first big wind and storm of the season. That’s when the big shake out of dead tree debris ends up on the roof, in the gutters, on the driveway and sidewalks.

Autumn is a shedding of what is no longer required, a time of rest (even if only symbolic) in the form of shorter days, longer nights. I seek comfort in a comforter and coziness wrapped in a fleece blanket in front of the TV.

A year ago it became clear to me that it was time to give up the storage unit that had held most of Carl’s yacht design office models, collections, books, furniture, drawings, and equipment for nearly seven years. I was thinking about it the other day. And I still feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for how that came together in a lovely, orderly, harmonious way, with a minimum of tears, and a maximum of relief.

In hindsight, I now see that several events had aligned themselves perfectly in the previous months. A dear friend had some salvaged cabinets delivered to the house. He figured they’d fit perfectly in the carriage house. And once hung they did fit perfectly. My best handy person and I were able to put to good use various items already in that carless garage for countertops and hangers. We found most everything we needed right at hand.

And that’s when I realized that all of the items in the storage unit just might find homes within the home. Each time I faced a challenge of where to put something or how to place it properly, the next move became clear. Attic, basement, carriage house all the space needed had been there all along…it just needed to be cleaned, cleared, refined, and redefined. I touched every item. And except for the super big things, moved it all myself, loads of trips in my loaded car. To me this was the ultimate in re-purposing and nesting. It was quiet, thoughtful. And the time was right and ripe. And it was an amazing autumn.

Alameda Announcement: This Saturday! 9am – 2pm Do your own clearing of electronic garbage you’ve been stuffing away! This is a wonderful service offered by YOUR city! Click on the link to get instructions and directions!

Real estate briefs:
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FHA reverse mortgage problems

Alameda real estate this week…

Active listings 131, 132 last report
Pending listings 122, 124 last report

Tuesday Tour 9 with 3 repeats

Highest priced NEW listing
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New 7

Back On Market 3

Price Changes 3

Pending 12

Sold 9

Expired 0

Withdrawn 1

Alameda real estate awards this week…remember this is only my perspective. Only 1 this week!

Get me to rehab

That’s a wrap! Carry on! Carry your electronics to Alameda Point on Saturday!

Have a FUN weekend….or find something to clean…or someone to clean what you don’t want to clean! Autumn cleaning – YAY! marilyn

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