THE SECOND STORY | October 1st, 2009

I’m feeling flushed…

(Sunsets do something to and for me. The header photo and it’s sister to the right, was taken a few minutes before the the one below last October 15. It’s from the cliffs above Crystal Cove beach, right off PCH : aka Pacific Coast Highway, immediately south of Corona del Mar. The light can be magnificent as the sun appears to move south from due west. It’s amazing what my small digital Canon camera captures. I left the beach, crossed the highway, hiked up the hill, took some shortcuts through bushes, and entered the condo I call home for a week each year. My breath was taken away! God had not yet finished with His paintbrush. This was from the balcony off the living room. Low on the horizon in both shots is the silhouette of Catalina Island.)

Post title/story: ‘In the toilet’ has a whole new meaning for me after yesterday. I’m not referring to the real estate market (because Alameda is not in that condition). And when I say I was feeling flushed I guess I had taken on the persona of my iPhone. I have no idea how it happened but somehow it went from my jacket pocket into a toilet at work! Most of you know I don’t do phone on the golf course and I sure as heck don’t do phone in a restroom! I wasn’t holding the phone. It was in an upright, square cut, rather deep, pocket! Maybe I did a jumping jack and it bounced out. Except for yesterday, the closest my hands get to bowl diving is via a scrubber.

Writing of phones and bathrooms, have you come across the morons who have no hesitation about using their cell phones in public restrooms? Can you even imagine the background noise as 20 commodes in an airport restroom blast sucking sounds into an echo chamber? And then to have to listen to the conversations! If any chick in the stall next to me is on the phone and asks for t.p. she’ll be S.O.L. (so outta luck.)

The folks at the iPhone Store said bowl-bombing was about the most common reason phones get turned in. There is no warranty for water damage and you can’t buy phone insurance anymore, at least not for these devices. Maybe it’s time to invent some type of phone wetsuit. You know some flex covering that allows buttons to be pushed but not exposed to the elements. There may be a market for it. I’d buy one.

Real estate briefs (no, I’m not trying to get a theme of bathroom humor going here)
Changing the rules, again.
Are you a rich gal or guy? Check out the shifting high-end market.

Alameda real estate this week…
Active listings 132, 135 last report
Pending listings 124, 126 last report

Tuesday Tour 13 with 5 repeats

Highest priced NEW listing
Lowest priced New listing this is a short sale. It sold for over 700K in 2005 and it was a fixer then. It’s worse now. The owner before the current one was in contact with me off and on for years. We’d come to know each other because I’d been involved twice with the sale of a property nearby. His house was a mess then and he listed it with another agent who was wheeling and dealing with Mr. Seller-Wheeler-Dealer. It was a good match.

New 13

BOM (back on market) 1

Price Changes 5

Pending 19 another big week!

Sold 19 also a big week (end of month)

Expired 7

Withdrawn/cancelled 1

Alameda real estate awards…
remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week, Bang for the Buck, Got me a makeover This BFI townhome is about the best G3/G4 I’ve ever seen. The upgrades are quality, done so nicely, and fit the demeanor of the home.

Cute, Charming a tie (each word is a different link) 1143 Bay Street sold in 7-03 for 769K w/ a 19K credit. Now on the market for 769K. 1230 College last sold for 697K on a list of 659K in 10-07. Now on the market for 745K. Will be interesting to see what goes on. Bay is the best location but minimal yard, surrounded by big homes. College has all the nice parts and charm plus parking that is accessed via an alley/easement that runs behind it and serves other properties.

Get me to rehab gotta be the mess on Alameda Ave!

That’s a wrap! Have a terrific weekend.

Carry on! marilyn

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