THE SECOND STORY | August 28th, 2009

Buff Beach Bongo Boy!

(Many times I’ve ridden my bike along Shoreline and cruised right by this gentleman who has intently been playing to the beat of the music coming from his boom box. And I’ve never had my good camera with me. Today was different. First, I was in my car. Second, I had the camera! So I pulled over (note car in background of photo to left), and introduced myself. Otherwise known as Jeff Webster, a plumber by trade, he said it was okay to take his picture and post it on the blog! Business is a bit slow right now he says, and he just had a bike stolen yesterday. He says he’s had two bikes swiped in the last couple of months. Jeff knows how to pound out the beat. I told him he’s becoming an Alameda icon of sorts. He smiled and said people see him about town and know he’s the bongo guy.)

FYI – The Alameda Boys and Girls Club is almost on the move….with a bit of help from bond funds generated by Measure WW which focused on East Bay Parks ,the Alameda City Council may be allocating some of those funds towards an investment in preserving our long history of recreation in the city creating a win, win, WIN for all!

Dear Honorable City Council Members,

It’s over. Most of us know it is. And the rest will soon find out.

The city can no longer provide the services we have come to expect. Among those services are those offered for decades by the Alameda Recreation and Park Department and our public schools. Revenues no longer support immensely valuable youth programs in the manner we feel we are entitled to. Our citizens have spoken loud and clear that maintaining those services is a priority. It’s time to open our eyes to other ways our expectations can be met and maybe even be exceeded. Partnering with excellent organizations that can and will fill those gaps is no longer a luxury. It’s the way city services must be delivered. And we need only look in our back yard.

There is an opportunity before you at your September 1 meeting. You are in a position to allocate funds for our own ‘shovel ready’ project, the building of a new Alameda Boys and Girls Club facility on OUR west end, yes, OUR west end. You all know the project. 77% of the funds are in place and the City is eligible for Measure WW funds via the WW Local Grant Program. I urge you to allocate 2 million dollars of the funds dedicated to the city via Measure WW.

The side benefits to the city are many and have been presented to you over the past years. They are quantifiable: educational opportunities are increased; police services are decreased because better citizens are developed; partnerships with other organizations expand the usefulness of this project by reaching deeper into the community.

But the primary benefits go directly to the kids and their families in ways we may not know of for many years. The Youth Development Facility will allow kids to discover interests and talents many of them have NEVER been exposed to and develop them in a clean, safe, secure, and encouraging environment. They are taught respect for others and property. There is guidance when it lacks at home. There is the chance to find dignity and personal worth by learning the value and rewards of a strong work ethic. Mentoring is learned and shared.

This project is ready to go NOW. Please vote to allocate two million dollars to the Alameda Boys and Girls Club Youth Development on Monday, September 1st.

Maybe it’s not really over, once the Alameda Boys and Girls Club Youth Development Center becomes a reality, with your help.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

If you are interested in telling council members how you feel about this , here are their email addresses!
Frank Matarrese
Lena Tam
Beverly Johnson
Marie Gilmore
Doug deHaan

Alameda real estate this week…..

Folks, it’s busy out there. This week has presented a number of closed transactions, and a good group of pending sales. Just on Wednesday I had a listing receive 2 offers, another listing received 1 offer, and I wrote an offer on behalf of a buyer. I expect we may see two of these three properties go pending in the next couple of days.

Active listings 162, 167 last report
Pending listings 112, 115 last report

Tuesday Tour 11

Highest priced NEW listing
Lowest priced NEW listing

New 9

Back on Market 1

Price changes 12

Pending 14

Sold 14

Expired 2

Withdrawn/cancelled 3

Real estate awards this week..
.remember this is only my perspective!

I’m skipping the awards. I’ve had 3 super late nights in a row and I can’t even remember what I saw on Tuesday! But I do remember it was heavenly riding my bike on the tour. Just perfect.

So that’s my story. I’m going to get some sleep!

Carry on! best, marilyn

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