THE SECOND STORY | July 23rd, 2009

I’ve been there!

(Elaborating on my comments last week about our trip to Scotland last year, with the British Open being played on the west coast at Turnberry just a week ago, decided to pull out some pictures of the place. We played on the small course twice, explored the shore, beach, and the former airstrip and taxi ways that were installed there in used in WWII. We played on the 18 hole putting course and the 18(?) hole chipping course several times each, and topped off the last night with one of the most gourmet meals any of us had ever had. Greg Norman was playing at the Senior British Open up the road at Troon. Mr. Norman had just come off a good week at the 2008 British Open. But the Senior open….not so much. Seeing him walking up the 113 steps leading to the classic hotel, I asked Evan if he thought I should mosey over to him and say “We all have bad days, Mr. Norman.” Evan’s response – “SHUT UP….just SHUT UP mom!” It’s a golfer’s paradise because there is nothing, nothing else to do around there. They like their golf fast and by foot, in all weather. We were intimidated by the 2 full-sized links courses, but the staff were gracious and fun. My room was around the corner, end, ground floor to the right. Looks rather like the Claremont in the Berkeley hills, eh?)

Alameda real estate this week…

The listing I have at 1305 Regent had the lower unit signed off as approved by the city on Tuesday! Yippee! It’s always a relief to see the final signatures on the job card!

What a difference a week makes. Two Tuesdays ago it was cookin’ hot while I was hosting a broker open house. This week while pedaling around I was wearing two jackets! Bbrrrr.

Tuesday Tour 15 this week, 3 repeats 25 last report

Highest priced NEW listing (the old post office, now medical center on Central, near Park)
Lowest priced NEW listing

Active listings 189, 172 (2 weeks ago – I forgot to include it last week)
Pending listings 97, 93 (2 weeks ago – ” )

New 19

BOM (back on market) 2

Price changes 9

Pending 20

Sold 12

Expired 4

Withdrawn/cancelled 3

Alameda real estate awards this week...remember this is only my perspective.

I’m outta rehab

Bang for the buck

Get me a facelift

Well, that’s a wrap! Have a good weekend! Carry on! marilyn

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