THE SECOND STORY | June 11th, 2009

BIG yard sale at 1727 Clinton…..

(I’ve been watching this mural come to life over the past two – three weeks. This is at Garden Cleaners, corner of Webster and Haight, on the Haight Street side. All of the plants and flowers painted on the wall grow abundantly in our dirt here in Alameda. And I love the depth the artist created that makes the garden sit in a flower box (the bricks at the base of the building). What a wonderful addition to what was previously a boring box. We are fortunate to have property owners who are willing to add custom touches all can enjoy to their buildings.

New topic! Blog title! A neighbor at 1727 Clinton is having a HUGE yard sale Friday from 12-4, and Sat and Sun 10-5 (maybe 4pm). If you think you need something you may just find it there. I was over this evening to check it out and it is amazing.

New topic! Concert at the Cove Friday (Motown, soul, R&B) 5:30 – 7:30pm

New topic! I was showing property this afternoon and saw a creative use of a standard household item. The first picture is the “Dorothy Door” (as in The Wizard of Oz). These are the flat overlapping doors you lift up to get into a basement or subarea. Look closely at the second picture and I think you’ll agree with me and my clients that the handle is a toilet paper roll holder.

Alameda real estate this week….

The listing at 933 Shoreline Drive #305 I put on the market last week received 2 offers this week. We’ll see what shakes out shortly. People have loved the full bay view!

My client got an accepted offer after only (and I mean only) 4 weeks of waiting on a short sale single family home in San Lorenzo. But the lender has made it a really quick close.

The least expensive single family homes in town, primarily all short sales or lender owned properties (REOs) have been receiving upwards of 4-9+ offers quickly. Most of these are exceptional messes with unpermitted additions, other bizarre work, substantial deferred maintenance, and/or unfinished projects. I called several agents this week to see just what was going on with their listings and that was the consistent report.

Here are a couple of articles I thought added some insight to the financing mess out there.

Tips for refinancing your loan.

FDIC shelves toxic loan program

Many of you know that my daughter Sutter and son Evan are often sources of info for me…they are my personal news screeners. While I’ve been working on this Ev sent a link that he found very interesting and heavy on the numbers with respect to the mortgage mess. I went through it and it’s not the most positive but the positions are supported by some substantial facts. Check it out. You can blow it up to full screen and just scroll through the slides. T2 Partners Presentation on the Mortgage Crisis. Thanks Ev!

Active listings 172, 167 last report
Pending listings 98, 90 last report

Highest priced NEW listing
Lowest priced NEW listing

Tuesday Tour 12, with 2 repeats

New 16

BOM (back on market) 2

Price changes 13

Pending 17

Sold 7 (this is corrected as of Friday AM. Thanks Ken for letting me know I somehow put last week’s solds in – I can’t figure out how I did that….)

Expired 0


Alameda real estate awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!

Winner of the Week

Cute, Charming

Bang for the Buck

and a special award for Awesome Hydrangeas (check them out in person at the open house)

Have a pleasant weekend! Can you believe we are over half way through this year? It hit me the other day. It is screaming by. OMG, I sound like my mom!

Carry on! marilyn

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