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2 Tubes and 6 Bridges….welcome to Alameda Island!

(This is the convergence of the Bay Farm Bridge with the Bay Farm Bike Bridge, taken from the wooden bridge that non-auto users use to get between 94501 and 94502. Most can name the four primary bridges but many leave out the bike bridge and the Fruitvale Railroad Bridge. They count, too! The railroad bridge is adjacent to the Miller-Sweeney Bridge, aka the Fruitvale Bridge. And the railroad bridge does lift up and lower down once per week.)

I had a bunch of pent up energy this evening. I really missed not riding on the broker tour on Tuesday due to the new bay-front condo listing I put on the market and held open for the agents. So about 6pm this evening, and this is why I LOVE this time of year, I set out on my bike.

I have a loop I often take and it goes like this: from home head west a couple of blocks to Grand Street, south to the beach bike path, head east and make the turn onto Broadway. Take the 1st right onto Bayview. Follow Bayview to High Street, get on the sidewalk, get back onto the bike path and go through the small park and head under the Bay Farm Island Bridge.

Continue on the path and make the U-turn and head up the ramp onto the Bike Bridge. Some may not know just how unique a bike drawbridge is – it is said it’s the only one in the US! Many of us back then said it was a stupid waste of 3.3M to build it, but it’s cool and safer for pedestrians and skate boarders, and bicyclers.

At the end of the Bridge, head east with San Leandro Bay on my left and Mount Trashmore on my right. Some may not know that that sealed mound with methane gas pipes sticking out of it was once Alameda’s city dump, thus the fond name for the place. Take the bike path past the Bill Osborne Model Airplane Field. Cross Doolittle and ride the path along the east side of Alameda’s two municipal 18 hole golf courses.

Across from the golf courses is the Oakland Airport North Field, full of small planes tucked away in some of the most amazing hangars! I taught flying out there with Lou Fields, (a Navy pilot with loads of aircraft carrier launches and landings), from whom I took my flight instructor training. Back to those hangars. Behind some of those doors are the ultimate man caves. Yep, I mean man caves. They tinker on their toys, watch TV, lounge around, just get away from it all and/or hang with other cavemen. And ladies, if you think it’s impossible for a guy to keep anything immaculate… the secret is OUT! You could eat off some of those floors.

Cross Maitland and head into the Harbor Bay Business Park. At some point I cross the street and get on the bike path that edges right next to the bay. Shortly thereafter I’m directly across from the end Runway 29 and can watch the planes depart into the westerly wind.

Staying on the path I end up at the Harbor Bay Ferry. Continue to rim the bay front all the way back to the Bay Farm Island Bridge. After a head wind all through the biz park, it’s nice to have a bit of a tail wind. Retrace the steps back along the beach, usually in a head wind again, to home. Well, except tonight I stopped at Big 5 Sports and bought two collapsible chairs (on sale $14.99 each), then cut through over to the Safeway gas station and filled up the tires. Just ask and they’ll turn the air on for free!

I love this place! Here’s my attempt to map that route. If this works, how cool is that! I’ve always thought it was between 8-10 miles and it’s just under 10.5 miles.

Alameda real estate this week…

New listing at 933 Shoreline Drive #305! Feedback from the agents has been good which translates into showings of the property. I’ll be hanging out there 2-4pm on Sunday. Great views!

I thought all these articles were good (source California Association of Realtors weekly Money Market Matters online newsfeed)

Low mortgage rates are going, going, gone?

Lock in the rates now….or wait?

Mortgage fraud? You may be busted…

Is it the high payments that need to be fixed? Maybe not so much…try employment and property devaluation.

Active listings 167, 173 last report
Pending listings 90, 83 last report

Highest priced NEW listing
Lowest priced NEW listing

Tuesday Tour 12 with 3 repeats

New 11

Back on Market 3

Price changes 8


Sold 5

Expired 5

Withdrawn/Cancelled 4

Alameda real estate awards this week….
remember this is my perspective only!
None this week…I didn’t get to see enough!

Have a nice weekend! The Farmers Market is now also on Sat 9-1 on Webster at Haight (as well as Tuedays!).

Carry on! marilyn

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