THE SECOND STORY | May 28th, 2009

Boats and golf….totally Alameda!

(A couple of Sundays ago as the weekend heat spell came to an end, a friend and I took the Hubba Hubba out at 5:30pm. The Hubba is a 26′ 1966 Chris Craft, twin engine wood lapstrake boat. It’s got some juice to to it since the engines are 305 hp V8s. We cruised up the estuary out to the bay, under the new bridge, over to the Giants game, and back home. What an evening! Super warm, smooth water, calm winds. Back to the dock at 8:35pm.)

Keeping it on the light side….I found a Father’s Day card cover inside a folder I keep for blog ideas. I don’t know when Father’s Day is but now that I play a bit more golf I appreciate these revised golf rules any day.

New Father’s Day Golf Rules
1. Every drive is a practice drive till you get one you like.
2. Subtract 1 stroke for every tee you remember to pick up.
3. If the ball rolls over the cup, it’s a gimme.
4. If the ball rolls around the cup, it’s a gimme.
5. If the ball looks like it was headed in the general direction of the cup, it’s a gimme.
6. Distractions like noise, wind or clouds moving are immediate cause for a do-over.
7. Chipping on the green will be replaced by an underhand toss.
8. If in a trap, your sand wedge may now be replaced by our sand shovel.
9. The terms ‘par’ and ‘double bogey’ are hereby interchangeable.
10. If you take more than five strokes, count it as a ‘5’ and move on….there are people waiting!

Alameda real estate this week….
Interest rates jumped big time on Wednesday….something about investors not liking government interference. You’ll notice in the solds this week prices are going over list…but ya gotta remember, list prices are way down….the market does speak!

Want to know more about short sales?
Good knowledge here.
Prepping for a refinance Pay attention!

Active listings 173, 173 last report
Pending listings 83, 84 last report

Highest priced NEW listing
Lowest priced NEW listing

Tuesday Tour 7 with 1 repeat

New 9

BOM (back on market) 1

Price changes 10

Pending 13

Sold 5

Expired 1

Withdrawn/cancelled 8

Alameda real estate awards this week…remember this is my perspective only

Winner, Bang for the Buck

Cute, Charming

Get me a Facelift

Got me a Makeover

That’s a wrap! Carry on! Marilyn

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