THE SECOND STORY | May 21st, 2009

As the parade marches by….

Everybody seems to like a parade! And the most common comment at Alameda’s famous 4th of July parade is “more music!”
The west end needn’t go far to get a lot more music and an amazing display of marching band talent from around California. For years, each May Encinal High School has hosted a huge band and drum line competition. While it was plenty warm last Saturday for the event, the displays of talent were awesome! And the behind the scenes scenes were impressive too. Huge buses, travel coaches, trailers, surrounded Encinal High, off-loading massive boxes and cases of instruments, clothes racks of fresh and pressed uniforms, and food supplies (especially water). Hundreds of parents come along to cheer their kids and bands, put makeup on the twirlers, pick specks of dirt and lint off the uniforms, polish shoes, and polish instruments. The band directors are totally devoted and proud as they coach their armies.

The 300 block of Haight turns the event into a block party that starts in the morning and later in the afternoon turns into a pot luck feast fit for royalty. They even have a trophy they award to the drum line they vote best of show! Another classic example of small town, island living.

Alameda real estate this week…
A bit more on the market. Some quick pending sales. Pricing tells the story (sold or not sold, deal or no deal). Pent up demand. Some multiple offers on non-stressed sales (except that the market is off 20-30% from the highs depending on the usual suspects – location, location, location, and condition).

Active listings 173
Pending listings 84

Highest priced NEW listing
Lowest priced NEW listing

Tuesday Tour 9 with 1 repeat

New 14

BOM (back on market) 0

Price change 4

Pending 15

Sold 11

Expired 2

Withdrawn/ Cancelled 1

Alameda real estate awards this week….remember this is my perspective only!

Winner, Bang for the Buck, Got Me a Makeover

Cute, charming

Get Me a Facelift (4 way tie)

Get Me to Rehab

If you have an American flag fly it this weekend. I like to take a moment and give quiet thanks for those whose ultimate sacrifice continues to allow us to vote California propositions/ballot initiatives down.

Enjoy your weekend! Carry on! marilyn

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