THE SECOND STORY | February 12th, 2009

Getting it up in the down under

The photo in the header this week is slightly different than the one to the left because I wanted a bit of variety. But the boat is the same one, and the captain and co-pilot (skipper and crew) are also the same. The skipper is Sean, Sutter’s husband. (We have a deal that I won’t call him my son-in-law if he won’t call me his mother-in-law).

He and Dan have been dedicating all their free time for many months to getting the boat, part of the R class sailing fleet in New Zealand, up and running on hydrofoils, which has been highly experimental in this class. Mostly the only rule is to go fast. And they did just that a couple of weeks ago when they placed first (again) in the annual National regatta in Wellington. Here’s another shot of them close up . And this is an awesome video a local TV station took of them prior to heading up to Wellington. Congrats boys! And to Sutter who does her own racing (sans foils) with friends down under.

Alameda real estate this week…
You know how you get really busy and then are tempted to not do something you know you should do? Well, I was facing that feeling last Friday. I had paid a LOT of $ for a two day conference in San Francisco at the Hilton on Powell. It was the annual Sell-a-bration sponsored by the national Certified Residential Specialist organization. They have excellent courses but I’d not attended the national meetings. Well, I made myself slow down Friday morning in order to get my real estate transactions in order, then took BART over to the meetings. It is in my nature to use what I have paid for – I am not a fan of waste. And within 30 minutes of attending the first class I knew my $600 educational investment was recouped many times over. And it just kept getting better. I commuted back and forth and came back inspired, refreshed, uplifted but not super-hyped. And the big news is I need to start social networking. So if you are on Facebook and/or LinkedIn, let me know and maybe we can connect….it clearly is the way the world is going and I’m excited to get started with it.

I put 1629 Foley on the market this past Tuesday. It’s quite unique: a 1/1 fixer bungalow for $199,000. Back in 2003 we got a pest report that came in at just under 50K then. No work has been done in that time and long before. Foley is the street behind the Alameda MarketPlace (corner of Park and Buena Vista). Go down Buena Vista from Park, take the next right on Foley, which is a one-way street. The side of the street 1629 is on is zoned C-M, commercial manufacturing despite the obvious residential nature of that side of the street. The other side of the street is residential. Check out 1629 Foley for more details, photos, and a virtual tour. You’ll also find some items buyers need to consider before making an offer (zoning, financing, fixing, etc). I listed it under single family residences as well as commercial properties for sale.

We had a bit of a spike in the number of new properties on the market despite the repeats.

Active listings 164, 150 last report

Pending listings 63, 58 last report

Tuesday tour
15 with 5 repeats

Highest priced new listing

Lowest priced new listing

New 20

Price changes 11

BOMs back on market 1

Pending 11

Sold 3

Expired 2

Withdrawn/cancelled 3

Real estate awards this week….
remember this is just my perspective.

Get me to rehab – 3 to choose from but Foley gets it.

I need a SERIOUS facelift maybe should have tied for Get me to Rehab.

Some I liked but were too much $ or staged nicely but still too much $ so I’m just sticking with these awards this week.

Have a great weekend…relish the rain!

Call if you need vendor referrals or have questions about the market. I’ll be busy with the Shredding Party from early morning through the early afternoon when I meet up with friends and clients.

Carry on! Marilyn

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