THE SECOND STORY | January 22nd, 2009

Where were you….

Every neighborhood needs a Statue of Liberty. Our neighbors have one…and she was smiling big this last Tuesday! Many of us on this block flew our American flags that day….some are still out.

I expect many will remember, many years from now, exactly where they were when Barrack Obama was sworn in as President last Tuesday. Each member of our little family, spread around the map a bit, had a neat take on the event. Where were you? Share your thoughts with me…I’d love to hear.

I joined a friend for a 7am breakfast at her apartment. Many of you know I am not the best early morning person, unless it’s 1am. But I got on my bike, rode over and we settled down to a huge homemade celebratory meal and three hours of watching the event. And what’s a breakfast without a box of tissues for the tears of amazement.

Evan, in San Diego, watched from work. “We plugged a computer into Bill’s plasma in his office and everyone watched it in there. It was like Christmas morning for me this morning. I woke up on my own, earlier than usual.

Not sure if you guys saw the music at the inauguration, but there was a piece with Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Anthony McGill, and Gabriela Montero. McGill was teh clarinetist and is an InstantEncore partner. We actually know his brother, Demarre, pretty well. Demarre is in the San Diego Symphony and runs Art of Elan, a chamber music series in SD that partners with us, too.”

Sutter, in New Zealand, unable to shake her Mass Media college degree and professional journalist background, sent a link from the NY Times and one photo featured a place near and dear to our hearts over the years… Uptown Body and Fender owned by the most amazing, gracious, woman, Giovanna. She turned her immaculate shop into an all day theatre for friends, neighbors, and customers.

“I woke up at 5:28am (NZ time) to take it all in. I watched from my own personal “production studio”. I started watching the live feeds on the two broadcast networks, here, but any time one of the ill-informed Kiwi TV show hosts started talking about inane topic on either(or both) channels, I’d mute the TV and watch via the NY Times website, which had the same feed but without the commentary. Then I’d get tired of the grainy images and turn my chair back to the TV.

Cried a fair bit. Sean (who was already at work this morning, but heard my analysis of the shebang when I got home from work), thinks it was because I was homesick. I think it was just the emotion of the day.”

Erin, in a San Diego middle school science classroom observed, “That sounds a bit lovelier than my situation…getting to watch it surrounded by 36 teenagers, half of whom were busy doodling on their paper or twiddling their thumbs. Some of our students were genuinely moved & recognize the importance of it, but a good number of them felt like this was just another boring event they were forced to watch….Hey, if Obama can’t keep their attention for 15 minutes, I suppose I shouldn’t worry so much when I can’t do the same ūüôā Despite that, it was wonderful every minute. Especially the poem! Overall, what an extraordinary day.”

Alameda real estate this week….

Agents are commenting about receiving a numerous calls about values. I’ve certainly found that to be the case the past two weeks. The questions range from “is the property worth enough so there is enough equity to get a lower interest rate on my outstanding loan balance?” to an opening line of, “Marilyn, is this the most insane time to put a property on the market?”

My answers are as unique as the people and the situations they are in. But those questions generate a series of questions from me….Why now? How long have you owned the property? How is the loan balance compared to what you think is the value? What kind of loan is on the property? Where are you going? Is the trade-off for selling now made up by the discount you’ll get on the next property? What’s the real estate climate like where you are moving? Do you have a Plan B? And sometimes we talk about alternatives.

The answers aren’t easy to give, and they involve simple facts. Alameda is not hit as hard as other areas, but prices are nonetheless down. We’re in it all together. We’ll get through it. Call if you have questions. I’m working full time at this.

Active listings
159, 153 last report

Pending listings
53, 58 last report

Tuesday tour 6

Highest priced new listing

Lowest priced new listing

New 11

Price changes 7

BOM (back on market) 1

Pending 5

Sold 6

Expired 3

Withdrawn 2

Real Estate Awards this Week..
.remember this is only my perspective!

Winner, Cute/Charming, Bang for the Buck

Have a nice weekend…enjoy the rain!

Carry on! Marilyn

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