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December, 2008 Sales Stats & Market Charts for A-Town!

Another year and we start it with a wrap up of the last month of last year. So what’s ahead? I wish I had a crystal ball. I feel there is a real sense of hope, the ‘we can’ attitude that is coming with the change of leadership for the United States. The challenges are massive and we really are all in this together. It’s time to get the house in order…move ahead deliberately to take back our place as the world leader…in innovation and education, yet learn to lead by listening, seeking to understand then be understood. It’s all trite sounding but NOW is all we’ve got. Maximize the moment with an eye to the future of and for the world.

A picture often says 1000 words and so it is with several charts showing a variety of market measurements of Alameda, both zip codes 94501 and 94502. Harbor Bay Realty has an exclusive contract with the company who generates these from Multiple Listing Service data and, for those who are inclined to use these tools, they are invaluable resources. And I can format the reports to meet a variety of needs. Nonetheless, they are guides but if you are into data…these are for you!

Sales activity Dec 2007 – Dec 2008 Show charts

December 2008 Sales Stats for Alameda

2 bedroom single family homes (2)

3 bedroom single family homes (5)

4 bedroom single family homes (6)

2 bedroom apartment style condos (1)

3 bedroom townhomes (4)

4 unit apartment building (1)

Here are two examples of the market….

2233 San Antonio (in the 4 bedroom section) closed 11/05 for 770K. It came on the market September 08 for 778K (nice looking, brick foundation), closed for 715K 12/08, so do the math and figure in probably 6-7 % for closing costs.

1210 Paru
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a 5 unit upgraded Victorian conversion w/smaller units, concrete foundation, parking, laundry. Listed for 825K, dropped to 749K, closed for 715K in December.
This is happening across the board. Please see my post of 1/8/09 about Location, Location, and Motivation.

So here’s to a year of renewed personal and world awareness and at least one random act of kindness daily.

Carry on! Marilyn

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