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November 2008 Sales Stats & Market Charts for A-Town!

Both summer and winter….that’s what it’s like in Maui in December. Warm (but not sweaty hot), and very possibly stormy. It is after all, their winter. I took the BIG surf photo on the left, in December, 2004 at the big surf spot, Jaws . It was a trek to get there but was a chance of a lifetime. Waves were 35′ that day. You can see the small surfer on the huge wave. Obviously it is always a media event. The only way surfers get into the wave is to be towed into via customized jet skis
The other photo was taken in December, 2007 during the 10 days straight of sideways torrential rain, the locals named the Monsoon, the strongest storm since 1983 on Maui. This was the flooded highway in Ka’anapali complete with broken sewer lines, closed beaches and contaminated oceans red with soil run-off. But it was warm!

On to business….

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman is a book not to be missed. I feel strongly enough about it even though I’m only 2/3 through it, that it is worth a recommendation. Some of you no doubt already have read it. I started it a week ago and will finish it in the next couple of days. I should have read it 3 years ago.

Thanks to my daughter for leaving it in Alameda, rather than taking it with her to New Zealand! She had raved about it and for good reason. With a few years as a marketing coordinator for a highly successful, privately held software company based in Alameda, Perforce Software, she had seen the business model(s) used by Perforce over the years (a small but mighty company, and ahead of the curve thanks to Chris Siewald and his team). And it clearly is ingrained into the flat world. (I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to work for several Perforce employees over the years, as well the owners of the company in their acquisition of the properties that has allowed the current expansion to take place .)

Now into our little piece of the flattened world. A picture often says 1000 words and so it is with several charts showing a variety of market measurements of Alameda, both zip codes 94501 and 94502. Harbor Bay Realty has an exclusive contract with the company who generates these from Multiple Listing Service data and, for those who are inclined to use these tools, they are invaluable resources. And I can format the reports to meet a variety of needs. Nonetheless, they are guides.

In order for a proper assessment of value to be made, location (lagoon or deep water or mixed used neighborhoods, location within townhome or condo complexes), amenities (interior and exterior upgrades) consistent maintenance or lack thereof, and age/style (ranch, Victorian, single level) greatly affect market value. Also keep in mind that micro market conditions, certainly from neighborhood to neighborhood and even block to block in Alameda, influence value.

Consumer websites such as Zillow and Trulia sweep info from public records and digitize it. Again, these are interesting, but nothing adds solid insight as much as knowing the neighborhoods, seeing as much inventory as possible, and having solid contacts with other local agents and appraisers who can add insight to the picture.

So even though the exclamation point in the title of the post may not really indicate a blasting real estate market, for those who want to jump into it, move up, move down, or make lifestyle changes and are positioned to do so, this can be an amazing time.

That being said, here are the November stats. Please contact me if you have questions. If you don’t think I will recognize your address, give a call, or certainly reference the blog in your email subject line.


November Sales Stats for Alameda
2 bedroom single family homes

3 bedroom single family homes

4 bedroom single family homes

2 bedroom apartment style condos

3 bedroom townhome

4 unit apartment building

  • 0

Note that since October, there have been no detached homes sold over 900K.

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