THE SECOND STORY | November 13th, 2008

Too much stuff.

The moon over Alameda is so bright the last couple of nights! But this is the moon over Corona del Mar, last month. (I realized if I make a comment in the blog about the header photo, and later change the photo, the comment makes no sense. So to avoid confusion I’m now including the image in the post content.) And our local tides have been so low and so high. And the light in fall is different as the sun sets south of west…it all seems clearer. And finally the leaves are turning color in our backyard. Now it’s back to hot weather for the weekend.

It’s been a long time since we’ve moved a household…and hopefully it will stay that way. But I am getting a mini reminder of what my clients go through. I’ve decided to reorganize the garage and say goodbye to the storage unit we got when we closed Carl’s office after his unexpected passing in 2002.

I get the storage gig. Relatively safe and secure. Out of sight and out of mind. Pay for the privilege of cluttering up somebody else’s space. Can’t get rid of something? Drag it over to the storage unit. Fuh-git-about-it.

The last couple of months I’ve had to scale a couple of emotional walls I’ve avoided for 6+ years. First, Evan and Erin asked me to pick out photos of Ev pre-1999 so they could make a wonderful book of their lives before and since they’ve been together. That meant pulling out the scrapbooks. Uh oh. Well, after the tears, the smile appeared. Alone and going through those books, I was in awe of the lives we’ve led.

Then knowing, really knowing that both Sutter and Evan not only have all the tools they need to make wonderful contributions to their communities and the world, but that they are using those tools! It’s the grace of God and how good is that!

Now the storage unit. I’ve had no reason to see it for many months. But as the garage has slowly morphed from mostly Carl’s space to one that must serve several masters, it was time to check out the difference between what I remembered was in the unit versus what really was. The big challenge is separating the ‘stuff’ from the person whose stuff it was.

I need to mention I’ve had an excellent helper with this chore. My new super-sized shop vac is my new best friend. The old one was probably four decades old and came from Carl’s dad’s garage. That got tossed last summer yet I just opened the new one last weekend. What a gem it is! Got it at Paganos, and it was on sale too!

So the process and the progress continues. Again, the grace of God. Onward!

Real estate this week in Alameda…

Active listings 192, 202 last report

Pending listings 70, 69 last report

Highest priced new listing Click Here to View Listings the highest NEW listing. The highest was churned. Anyway this link is for a triplex that has been off and on the market for at least 5 years and not sold.

Lowest priced new listing Click Here to View Listings

Tuesday tour 8 with 2 repeats Click Here to View Listings

New listings 9 Click Here to View Listings

Price changes 7 Click Here to View Listings

Pending 12 Click Here to View Listings

Sold 9 Click Here to View Listings

Expired 4 Click Here to View Listings

Withdrawn/cancelled 7 Click Here to View Listings

Listing awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!

Winner Click Here to View Listings It’s the view and the quality.

Bang for the Buck, Get Me a Facelift Click Here to View Listings

Have a good weekend! Guess we need to pull out the yard furniture for a last hurrah!

Carry on! Marilyn

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