THE SECOND STORY | November 6th, 2008

We had an election!

Whether your candidates or issues won or not, we still had an election. And real history continues to be made as we move forward (hopefully) with inspired and inspiring leadership at all levels of government. And we need it more than ever. My wish is that each citizen makes time to let his or his opinions on the issues that matter to him/her be known ,in civilized and courteous ways, to the appropriate officials. Only then can we get them to listen to us and not the lobbyists. Only then will they report to us, responsibly, rather than to the corporations. We need take back OUR government – the one we have allowed to wander so far from our reach. We are the ones who need to be heard. And we need to demand that we be heard!

On the local level Measure P passed, by less than 400 votes out of just under 24,000 votes cast. So the price tag of buying and selling went up quite a bit with the huge increase in Alameda city transfer taxes. (And contrary to the postcard that had all the city council members names on it, and Mayor Johnson’s photo, transfer taxes do not impact Realtor commissions, one of the reasons given that Realtors were against P. Makes one wonder what else they sign onto without understanding an issue. Scary.)

I had the opportunity to hear Robert Reich and Newt Gingrich last month at the Oakland Speakers Series held at the Paramount. It was awesome. And at this time Reich has me hooked with his simple and clear logic. That was sealed when I heard him give a very brief op-ed segment on NPR (FM 88.5) a couple of weeks ago regarding the bailout of huge corporations. “If They’re Too Big to Fail, They’re Too Big, Period.” Just scroll down and you’ll see the post I’ve linked.

Comments heard about the election, the day after:

-At the weekly HBR sales meeting:”We had the kids up and made popcorn to celebrate the new President!” to which a friend replied “I made Baked Alaska to celebrate. A flaming Baked Alaska!”

Subtle like a train wreck, that comment was – and sharp as a cleaver – and very clever.

-At the San Leandro Costco lunch tables: “How much you think your taxes are goin’ up?”

And now that the horrific, lie-filled, distorted campaign-mercials are over….we move right into Christmas-mercials. Enough!

A bright spot? How about the blog header photo of the roses from the garden? I cut two dozen on Halloween. Nothing like flowers to bring balance into life.

Real estate this week in Alameda…

Active listings 202, 198 last report

Pending listings 69, 68 last report

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Listing awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!

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Enjoy your weekend! Carry on! Marilyn

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