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Empty nester to the max…

They’ve flown the coop! Actually, they’ve been gone for years: going away to college, then moving out on their own – which is always a parent’s wish come true! But it seems more final when they get married. With Sutter and Sean (S&S) so doing August of 2007, and now Evan and Erin (E&E) last Friday, it’s all good!

Before I embarrassed anybody I asked E&E if I could put a picture of them on the blog and share what I’d read at their ceremony. They acquiesced. The officent of the wedding one of Erin’s uncles. Erin’s parents, me, and our two dear extended family friends shared a reading or thoughts (not to exceed two minutes). Here it is.

“Evan, Erin, and I had the opportunity to travel to Scotland this past summer. You know, you learn about people when you travel together. I found out that they walk a lot faster than me. I found out how considerate they were towards me, from the moment I got separated from them while leaving the London underground (within an hour of arriving in London), to the hike up Edinburgh’s tallest rock in the cold and wind. I found out they are very sweet to each other. I found out that Erin prefers 5 star hotels to a youth hostel.

It was fun to watch them in a new environment, since I knew the wedding was on the horizon.

When Evan asked if I might make a few remarks since he said Carl and I seemed to have figured out the marriage thing, I was honored.

I’m not sure anybody figures out the marriage thing. But I’ll share some thoughts that were dear to me and Carl during our journey together.

Beside loving each other, a most important part of our deciding to be married was that we could do more together than apart. And that proved to be true.

We chose to honor tradition but not necessarily bow to it.

We questioned everything – except police.

We worked hard to eliminate the concept of limitation from our thoughts and thus from our lives. We were convinced that all things were possible through out faith in one good God.

We didn’t search out adversity yet chose to see the opportunities in it.

We tried to show up. Yep, show up. Sometimes we showed up late. But be in the moment. When it’s gone it’s gone.

We didn’t make a big deal of birthdays or anniversaries. We tried to count the moments, not the years. We found we touched infinity by being in the moment.

We chose to work hard. We started our lives with the premise we’d rather work hard and be sub-standard than settle for mediocrity.

We did not listen to news in the morning. Ever. And we chose not to believe 75% of what we heard. That stance minimizes drama and disappointment.

He once told me when we got married I was looking for freedom. But what I found was independence. A truer statement could not have been made. And with that independence comes the ultimate discipline – self-discipline.

Back to traveling. As a couple and as a family, we had some great adventures. You have many adventures ahead of you.

I have one more piece of advice. Travel with high quality luggage. And leave the baggage behind. Enjoy the trip!”

Real estate this week in Alameda….
I put a new listing on the market on Tuesday: 928 San Antonio Ave. Check out the website. Some of you may recognize the petite and unique Gold Coast 1895 Colonial Revival.

My listing at 960 Shorepoint Court #101 closed today. This nifty 1/1 condo closed for 275K on a 279K list price.

And my listing at 1233 Regent had a significant price change to 749K down from 799K. When the price was established (by me), there was very little on the market at that price point, for the size and location. While comps have been tough for most listings these days because appraisers don’t want to go back much further than three months for sales, we had some properties to work with in setting that price. BUT in the past two weeks, we’ve seen several properties come on the market at about the same price or less, larger, often newer (Bayport homes), and with some amenities Regent is missing. Thus you can see the importance of fitting into the market TODAY, and beating it tomorrow, not relying on ancient history. I’m grateful that all my clients are clear on this concept and need to position their properties so all the other ones out there help sell their property. Of course, this means owners are committed to selling, not just following a market downward. Leaders win in this market. And hindsight shows it. Can be very uncomfortable in the process. But if one is in a ‘have to” mode….that’s the way it’s done.

928 San Antonio will be open Saturday and Sunday, 2-4pm and I’ll be there Saturday.

1233 Regent will be open Sunday 2-4pm and I’ll be there.

Active listings 194, 195 last report

Pending listings 68, 69 last report

Highest priced new listing Click Here to View Listings

Lowest priced new listing Click Here to View Listings

Tuesday tour 10 w/ 3 repeats Click Here to View Listings

New 12 Click Here to View Listings
Note that some re-sale (not necessarily short sales or bank repos) Bayport Homes are selling nearly $200,000 under the current new home prices there. Also note that the new listing on SeaBridge out at Harbor Bay Isle, sold for 840K in 2005 and is now on the market for 740K (not a short sale or bank repo).

Price changes 12 Click Here to View Listings

Pending 13 Click Here to View Listings

Sold 11 Click Here to View Listings

BOM (back on market) 0

Expired 5 Click Here to View Listings

Withdrawn / cancelled Click Here to View Listings

Listing awards this week…because I had 928 San Antonio open for the broker tour, I only got around to two properties this week. Fortunately I did catch six open houses last Sunday I felt I needed to see. So I feel current on the inventory. I only have two awards.

Cute / Charming my listing at 928 San Antonio

Get Me to Rehab Click Here to View Listings very original and has a 49K bid for foundation (decent sized single level house on Broadway, that I thought if the work could be negotiated, this could be sweet once again. There was an engineering report and a bid for the suggested corrective work regarding the foundation. I didn’t see any other inspections regarding the rest of the systems at the property.)

Have a good weekend! I’m around! Call if you need vendor referrals or have questions regarding the market. (Oh, I took the blog header photo almost two years ago, at the South Shore beach close to Park Street.)

Carry on! Marilyn

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