THE SECOND STORY | August 28th, 2008

He’s got the bug to go green…

…and then finds the bad bugs. This is Allan Kanady, owner of and licensed pest control inspector (operator) for Omega Termite Control . Last spring he saw me riding my bike on the broker tour and made the comment he should ride to his Alameda inspections. Well he showed up with his bike and trailer at my new listing at 640 Waterview Isle and was I impressed! That vertical stick on the back of the trailer is his poking probe to see if wood is rotted. I call it a weapon but he says he’s going to get a flag made with the company name and fly it off the pole. This picture makes him look like a kid!

Raindrops on their heads : Sutter has made it known Christchurch NZ has seen a lot of rain recently. My brother in Vero Beach, FL (he and his family live on the island portion of the town) said “Vero, especially the island, handled the 15 inches in 3 days without any effects. It seems the drainage here is much better than some neighborhing cities. “

No raindrops in Alameda: Following the lead of my dear friend Bobbie who told me how she was conserving water, this week I started catching the cold water from the shower faucet in a 5 gallon bucket. It’s the water that would go down the drain while waiting for the water to heat up. Then I take it outside and dump it into a full-size plastic garbage can (the kind with wheels we used to use before the bins showed up courtesy of Waste Management). I get about 3 gallons per shower.

Then today I had the spa professionally cleaned. I usually drain and clean it myself but wanted to start fresh. I asked the gentleman to siphon the water into another spare garbage can I have rather than letting it all just go down the yard drain.

Now the outdoor plants have “dessert water”, an extra treat, since they need more than what I have the irrigation set for. The plants seem happier already.

My dream pet: If you are interested in a new style of pet dog check out Evan’s 2nd post on his blog. That dog meets all my requirements – bouncey, clean, no shedding, no pooper scooper needed, goes quiet when I say, and might even protect me (from what I don’t know). And I’d walk it next to my other dog.

This, my friends, is my local “Un-clear on the Concept” Award this week. Because I didn’t want to be late this month with my payment to Alameda Power and Telecom, I decided to use the drop box at the office on Grand Street at Clement, since I was doing errands anyway. But if you read the small black print (shaded area) you’ll find that if you use those boxes (this one is only 8 feet away from their front door), it may take 2 days to post! Now maybe they mean if ya put yer payment in on a Friday afternoon, it won’t be checked over the weekend OR if there is a long weekend like this coming weekend, it could take3 days to post. Anyway, I decided to park and walk the payment in.

My overhauled website is now up and running! Please take a look and comments are welcomed!

Real estate this week in Alameda….

My clients closed on their home at 2618 Buena Vista today. Yippee for them! They will bring much joy to the house they are making a home and to the neighborhood they have dreamed of!

A I noted previously, I put a new listing on the market today. This is a 1961 mid-century classic, custom-built single level home, over 1900 square feet, situated at the curve of a cul-de-sac on the South Shore Lagoon. It is a step-free property, meaning that the first owner was wheelchair bound. The doors are wider. Pocket doors are in place where swinging doors would be. The counters are the original tile and set low for access. The master bath is wonderfully stepless. The entry is lovely and wide, drawing you right into the view of the lagoon. Drawers are pull-outs. The angles in the home reflect the shape of the lot. This is great example of thoughtful design elements that should be considered for homes today, incorporating simple accomodations that will allow an owner to stay in a loved home for a long time, avoiding expensive and wasteful remodeling when needs change.

I’ll have 640 Waterview Isle open 2-4pm both Saturday and Sunday so come by and say HI!

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Listing Awards this week….remember – this is only my perspective!
Slow week….

Winner of the Week I was going to give an award here but the owner/agent doesn’t even have one photo in the MLS, so forget it.

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Looking for trends….Still looking for something interesting.

Enjoy your long holiday weekend! Do something you really want to do! marilyn

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