THE SECOND STORY | August 14th, 2008

Computer Games, Olympic Games, and a Rat Race

Last Friday I opened an email with the subject “CNN daily top 10 events.” And that became a headline event in my small world. All kinds of poo-poo started happening to my computer. Son Evan found a fix (mostly) and emailed me the link. That was a huge help but it was obvious that there was much more going on.

Monday The Neighborhood Computer Guy yeah, that’s what he calls himself (and he’s totally AWESOME) came over and upon my description of the issues shared a charming phrase “it’s the blue screen of death!” Not so good I guess.

My less-than-one-year-old computer (not a cheap investment) now has a new hard drive. Chasing that down was an adventure I could have lived without. Now comes the work to find files that seem hidden and deal with associated glitches. And almost every program I am using looks new to me! Like where were those before in the past year?

Watching the master work today, I laughed every time the he quietly commented “I win!” I felt I was watching an event in the computer Olympics right in my home office.

Speaking of Olympics, I am completely swept up with what is taking place in Beijing. I am so amazed and impressed with the athletes. But I am fascinated with what must go on to make these broadcasts, across all media, happen. The years of planning, timing, and making the technology mesh. The new tricks of such immediate information superimposed on the viewing screens. I can honestly say that I even appreciate the quality of most of the commercials and am actually grateful for them. I cannot imagine what I’d be paying per view to see quality like this otherwise. And HD is wonderful.

The Rat Race took place while we were in Edinburgh, Scotland. Check it out and expect to see more like it in the US.

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Real estate this week in Alameda….

Active Listings 213, 224 last report

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Listing Awards this week….remember – this is only my perspective!

Winner of the Week Click Here to View Listings I had this listed and it sold years ago.

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Get me a facelift not this week

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Got me a makeover not this week not this week

Get me to rehab not this week

I’m out of rehab not this week not this week

Looking for trends….I’ll keep an eye out for something interesting.

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Enjoy the weekend! marilyn

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