THE SECOND STORY | August 7th, 2008

Watch the Neighbors (Neighborhood Watch!)

Tuesday evening was the annual National Night Out .
Alameda has a number of neighborhoods active in the Neighborhood Watch program. We’ve been hosts for the summer gathering on our front porch for many years and it really is a chance for busy people to stand around and jaw for a bit. We catch up with each other, meet new residents, share concerns, have a delicious cake I buy from Costco, and often have a visit from several local police officers and McGruff, the crime dog. It’s great to hear from the police themselves about happenings or issues around town. Interested? I can give you the name of the Alameda Police Department contact and you can set up your own Watch program. It’s not a big deal. I only put out one notice and one email one time per year, unless we need to get everybody’s attention for some reason. Everybody wins….

Cre-cycle (creative recycling) idea!
“I can see clearly now…”
I’ve never been able to toss those wonderful plastic zippered bags that typically contain bed linens or pillowcases. Now I’ve found a couple of uses for them. Because they have real zippers and the plastic is thicker, they don’t tear as easily. Because they are more box-like in shape, they hold more.

When traveling, if your checked bags are inspected, having see-through bags makes the inspection by officials easier and quicker. Plus it’s a lot less hassle to find your stuff when you can see it! For all the rules, including those regarding your carry on stuff check out the Transportation Security Administration website before you start packing.

And when I started creating my tool bucket, I found those same bags perfect for all the smaller items I wanted to keep together (smaller screw drivers, tapes, random nails and screws). Seems to me if we’re buying the product we should use the packaging.Have some clever ideas? Share them here!

Real estate this week in Alameda….

I put 960 Shorepoint Court #101 on the market today! This is a really nice 1/1 condo. Check it out!

Active Listings 224, 221 last report
Pending Listings 54, 62 last report

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Listing Awards this week….remember – this is only my perspective!
Winner of the week not this week

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Looking for trends….I’ll keep an eye out for something interesting.

If you need vendor referrals, let me know!

Enjoy the weekend! marilyn

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