THE SECOND STORY | June 26th, 2008

Cycle and cre-cycle!

“Look, here comes Marilyn on her bike. She’s wearing the helmet that she hates and that stupid crossing guard vest that she loves. She’s got that ‘step-aside-please’ bell, too. And those flashing lights. But wait…what’s that behind her?”

Yep, I’m once again using the same bike trailer I used to tote 2 kids and 3 bags of groceries in! It’s got some serious miles on it, and was one of only three in Alameda back in the late 1970’s. People either applauded us or cursed us.

Mostly ignored but never forgotten, the trailer was retrofitted by Carl the year before he passed on, using a windsurfer mast/boom quick-connect fitting to attach the cart to the bike when the original fitting broke after many years of excellent service. The new tires make it an easy tow.

Did I make up a new word? “Cre-cycle” is short for creative recycle. For instance, these shopping/tote bags are made of 100% genuine recycled plastic bags. These are a more current version to replace the canvas bags I gave away to my clients the past few years. They are bigger , sturdier, and fold smaller! If you are a client and would like one…let me know and I’ll get it to you. Warning! Wash and air dry…I won’t be responsible for a plastic melt-down in your dryer!

Another cre-cycle idea…instead of automatically tossing plastic containers, cut the bottoms off and use them for water-catchers for your potted plants. If you buy milk or juice in plastic bottles, cre-cycle the whole thing: keep the screw lid on and use the rest of the container as scoop for dirt, dry pet food, or a boat bailer.

OPERA IN THE OUTFIELD WAS AWESOME! The amazing simulcast, fabulous sound, singing the Star Spangled Banner accompanied by the SF Opera Orchestra and opera house patrons, open seating, English subtitles, singing Take Me Out to the Opera during the 7th inning stretch (intermission) also accompanied by the orchestra, garlic fries, picnics, casual clothes, walking around if you are bored, view of the boats racing/drifting on the bay off McCovey Cove, and FREE! Could be opera at it’s easiest!

Real estate this week in Alameda….
Active Listings 201, 198 last week
Pending Listings 84, 84 last week

Tuesday Tour Click Here to View Listings

New Click Here to View Listings 16 (1607 High sold in ’06 for 899K, sold in ’07 for 940 on a list of 929K, now on market for 899K)

Price changes Click Here to View Listings 6

Pending Click Here to View Listings 18

Sold Click Here to View Listings 12

Back on Market (BOMs) Click Here to View Listings 3

Expired & withdrawn (some show up as new) Click Here to View Listings

Awards this week….remember – this is only my perspective!

Winner of the Week & Bang for the Buck Click Here to View Listings

Cute/charming Click Here to View Listings pending already

Get me a facelift Click Here to View Listings

Get me to rehab Click Here to View Listings closed for 899K 10/05 and was very attractive. A fire occurred and it appears both time and money ran out. Now a short sale for 799K.

The awards below eagerly await worthy recipients of which there were none this week!
Got me a makeover
I’m out of rehab

Looking for trends….We’ve been tracking the Gold Coast properties since there are a few of them.

1208 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings PENDING as of 6/18 No broker tour, tough to show…

1611 San Antonio Click Here to View Listings PRICE REDUCTION from 1.175K to 1.139K. Was pending for a few days after about 30 DOM, then BOM.

1600 Dayton Click Here to View Listings

1234 Hawthorne Click Here to View Listings CONTINGENT on sale of another property.

1250 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings SOLD one primary buyer stepped up to the plate. No exposure to market.

1260 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings EXPIRED listing owned by the bank.Have a good weekend! Give a call if you have real estate questions or vendor referrals!

Have a great weekend! marilyn

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I arrived in Alameda in 1973, as a new bride...with husband Carl Schumacher, both of us from Newport Beach. He was embarking on his career as a Naval Architect (i.e. yacht designer) under Gary Mull. Please see the 'ABOUT ME' page in this website! to see how it has all turned out! I'm so blessed!

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  1. Bright yellow “crossing guard vests” are very popular among the hundreds of cycling commuters in Christchurch, NZ (though not as trendy as purpose-built fluorescent cycling vests and jackets). You’d fit right in down here (though I’m not so sure about the bell). And the re-usable grocery bags made of recycled plastic bags are stock-standard here, too. You’re just ahead of your time!

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