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It’s a monversation

I was having lunch with a dear friend last week at Jim’s (on Lincoln) and we were talking about blogging. She wanted to get the hang what it was supposed to do. I said it was website-lite. It was the voice of the writer attempting to reach out to certain readers sans newspaper or book. It was a monversation – kind of a blend of a monologue with a conversation. Two-way at the reader’s option but mostly one way from the writer.

Side note: son Evan, the jock/techno guy emailed a comment “I love the new format – it’s really coming together and looks very good!” One reason he must have said that must be because I haven’t had to ask him one thing about how to do this. So that made my week. Sutter, well, she’s gracioiusly fielded some questions since she’s now on her second blog (see sidebar right).

Some of you know I play at golf. Last week was a golfer’s heaven on earth with the US Open being such an amazing championship. We’ve been fortunate to play at Torrey Pines in San Diego. It is a fantastic site. As the ocean breezes are forced up the cliffs the paragliders can practically dip onto the greens! I took this the last time we played there.

Did ya see or hear the helicopters over the shoreline on Tuesday? Oil was showing up on the beach. I rode my bike over to check out the activity and talked with a member of the Coast Guard. The media were all over the story by land and by air. I cannot imagine what it costs to have news helicopters hover and cover the story over the beach and then have the news vans and personnel on the ground. I took this picture about 11am Wed morning.

Music update….the Concert at the Cove had a terrific turnout last Friday but it seems a heavy rock cover band just doesn’t have the cross generational appeal for sing-alongs and dancing. I think it is so funny to have those who want to imbibe alcohol agree to be fenced inside that orange mesh stuff. Trapped! The July and August concerts look to be great, though!

Late this afternoon, after I rode my bike over to show the listing at 909 San Antonio (price reduction from 721K to 694K to now 674K), I pedaled over to the Farmer’s Market on Webster. The peaches should make a great cobbler for company on Saturday!

Then I headed over to Alameda Towne Centre (I like to call it Towny Centry) to check out its weekly summer Thurs eve concert. The sound was similar to Steely Dan and rather repetitive. But what do I know. Check out the schedule and mark your calendar. There are some HOT gigs coming up and some have already passed us by. The shopping center is looking really lovely.

I’m gonna get culture for FREE tomorrow with the perfect blend of opera and the ballpark (that’s the San Francisco Opera being simulcast at the ATT Ballpark). If this weather holds it could be an amazing night.

Real estate this week in Alameda….
Okay, I’m going to tell you something that really irks me. Over the past 3 years in my non-public weekly email updates for my clients (in existence for over 8 years) I’ve talked about ‘churning’ listings on the MLS. Agents would withdraw a listing and immediaely re-insert it as NEW. Then the ‘days on market’ count would start back at zero effectively wiping out the time previously on the market. Obvously this skews the days-on-market time especially when reporting agencies are gathering data for public consumption.

In response, the MLS came up with a rule that a listing could not be re-inserted as NEW unless 30 days had passed since it was withdrawn from the market. Fair enough.

Now for about the past year, we’ve seen old listings being inserted as NEW listings by a slight modification of the address. And now lots more. For instance, the address 123 Cherry Lane shows up when it is first listed. Then in order to show up NEW and avoid the 30 day rule, the agent re-inserts it as 123 Cherry, dropping the Lane.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, be sure your agent does some serious drill-down work so you get the most accurate info about time on the market.

Active Listings 198, 194 last week
Pending Listings 84, 85 last week

NOTE! I’m throwing in the houseboats (floating homes) and the Woodstock Co-op units even though neither of them is considered real estate. They show up on the MLS and I’ve weeded them out for the past 8 years but…oh well. The former is considered personal property and the latter is ownership of a stock certificate.

Tuesday Tour Click Here to View Listings

New Click Here to View Listings 24

Price changes Click Here to View Listings 17

Pending Click Here to View Listings 16

Sold Click Here to View Listings 11

Back on Market (BOMs) 0

Expired & withdrawn (some show up as new) Click Here to View Listings 14

Awards this week….remember – this is only my perspective!

Winner of the Week Click Here to View Listings and also cute and bang!
I had this listed a few years ago when the current owners bought it. My clients in turn purchased a bank-owned property in the Gold Coast (ahead of its time, eh?)

Cute/charming same as Winner!
Bang for the Buck same as Winner!

These awards await worthy recipients of which there were none this week!
Get me a facelift
Got me a makeover
Get me to rehab – not this week
I’m out of rehab

Looking for trends….We’ve been tracking the Gold Coast properties since there are a few of them.

1208 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings PENDING as of 6/18 No broker tour, tough to show…

1611 San Antonio Click Here to View Listings PRICE REDUCTION from 1.175K to 1.139K. Was pending for a few days after about 30 DOM, then BOM.

1600 Dayton Click Here to View Listings

1234 Hawthorne Click Here to View Listings CONTINGENT on sale of another property.

1250 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings SOLD one primary buyer stepped up to the plate. No exposure to market.

1260 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings EXPIRED listing owned by the bank.

Have a good weekend! Give a call if you have real estate questions or vendor referrals!

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