THE SECOND STORY | June 5th, 2008

Drought? Try a new ground cover…

A couple of weeks ago I was walking by a neighbor’s house. Steve and a friend were working on a new sail, prepping it for a big race series…so it was spread over the whole front yard. It was getting a few stares as folks wondered what it was. Looked like a type of protective sheathing for the yard….a new type of ground cover.
Maybe we’ll need to consider alternatives to lawns now that we have two official droughts as noted by The Governator who declared the state dried up financially a few months ago, and now this week said we are running out of water.

The feedback for the blog has been terrific….and encouraging. The past few days I’ve been able to figure out how to embed hyperlinks, and when those get clicked on, a second window opens now, rather than wiping out the blog window and having to start over. And obviously, since this gig is now public, you no longer have to honor my request each year that you won’t forward it to those who aren’t my clients….I’ve thrown caution to the wind!

At this point I can’t get the property lists (viewed previously in the weekly update as tables) into the blog. So for now we go with the links! The upside is you can see the customer version of the mls entry and more photos and maybe a virtual tour if the agent has purchase and installed one. Again, your input is very helpful!

Last Friday I rode up to the ferry at Alameda Point, put the bike on and enjoyed the misty view of San Francisco. I had time either side of my meeting with some bay area real estate agents, the purpose of which was to hash over our respective markets and share insights about our work. I took in The Market Place at the Ferry Plaza when I arrived, and then cruised down to the ball park before I returned to Alameda.

And while the ferry doesn’t travel close to the new construction of the Bay Bridge, last fall we took the photo to the right as we motored around the bay in the Hubba Hubba. Hey, I just came up with a Haiku:

A great getaway

the ferries around the bay
for hours or a day.

Real estate this week in Alameda….

I put a new listing on the market last Friday… 3900 Fairway, Oakland Check out the website for photos, the video and virtual tour, floorplan, and reports. It’s a lot of bang for the buck (2000+ sf for 399K) IFf a buyer loves totally original details back to 1929 AND the chance (read $) to bring it into the 21st century. It is near Keller, just of Mountain Blvd. in Sequoyah Hills. It is generating a ton of interest.

Once again this week the number of pending sales indicates buyers are starting to make their moves (literally!).

And note the number of closed sales this week. Several of those are at Bayport….folks have been getting some pretty good bang for the buck there, if a yard is not important. The developer continues to beg agents to bring them buyers and offers commissions if the agent walks in with the prospect and signs them up BEFORE the buyers walk in by themselves. Of course, there is no obligation for a buyer to buy – he/she is just registered with the on-site sales staff. and they have their own agent if they choose. I can’t say what others do, when I’ve sold new homes I’ve had my clients get property inspections, preferably with an inspector who has been trained for code compliance. Rather than shoving a ‘punch list’ at the buyer and saying check it out…the inspector does the job and you might be shocked at what is either undone, incorrectly done, ignored, or broken. Let me know if you have questions.

Active Listings 196, Pending Listings 81

Tuesday Tour Click Here to View Listings

New 15 Click Here to View Listings

Price changes 4 Click Here to View Listings

Pending 21 Click Here to View Listings

Sold 16 Click Here to View Listings

Back on Market (BOMs) 4 Click Here to View Listings

Expired 5 Click Here to View Listings

Withdrawn from market (temporarily or cancelled) 7 Click Here to View Listings

Looking for trends….
We’ve been tracking the Gold Coast properties since there are a few of them.

1208 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings no broker tour, tough to show…

1611 San Antonio Click Here to View Listings was pending for a few days last week, back on the market this week.

1600 Dayton Click Here to View Listings

1234 Hawthorne Click Here to View Listings (contingent on sale of another property

1250 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings SOLD a couple of weeks ago – no broker tour, no open houses, one primary buyer who stepped up to the plate.

1260 Saint Charles Click Here to View Listings expired listing owned by the bank.

Awards this week….nothing struck me as worthy….very few new listings but a good bike ride nonetheless.

Have a good weekend! I’ll be around, working in the yard, returning calls, and trying to reduce the learning curve for blogging!

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