THE SECOND STORY | May 29th, 2008

A new meaning for curb appeal!

Welcome to the first blog post I’ve done!

You’ll see similarities and changes from the private weekly update I’ve been doing the past 7 years for those of you who have opted in to that! Your private or public feedback is welcome. Let me know how this whole thing seems to work for you – that’s why I do it!

I took this picture a couple of months ago and the flowers continue to grow and multiply along the curb in front of Carl’s Jr. at the Marina Village shopping center. I find it comforting that something so sweet to look at can thrive in the midst of pavement and concrete. A good life-lesson?

I hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day. I do like seeing the flag fly in front of the house. My weekend could have been known as Labor Day since I spent so much time working in the garage/carriage house clearing things out, cleaning things up, and moving things around in preparation for the installation of some salvaged cabinets that will go up this next week! (Thanks Ken!)

Did you see the horizontal rainbow over Alameda on Tuesday about noon? I was on the Broker Tour which I typically do by bike. While outside a house across from Encinal High I happened to look up into a nearly blue sky . There were some very high wispy clouds. And a lovely jagged rainbow slowly shifting across the sky. I mentioned it to a couple of agents standing nearby who were sufficiently puzzled and then when I was at Central and Webster told a guy holding a pizza box to look up and check out the rainbow! He was amazed!

Wednesday I had the opportunity to do some volunteer work at Berkeley High School for a couple of hours facilitating in two AP Econ and Government classes for The Urban Plan.
Gosh, BHS is huge (over 3200 kids), and despite all the much needed improvements bond money has provided for much of the school , this class was held in the large hall that surrounds the huge auditorium building there. It is the result of a legal hangup – and while that fight goes on, so does teaching in bizarre make-shift classrooms.
Check it out.

And that leads me to the election this Tuesday. It is rare for me to share my opinion with you about elections but even if you hated school and continue to hate schools, you probably would like to enhance your property values. Good schools make property owners money. It’s that simple – if you don’t want to hear about our obligation to provide quality public schools.

And that leads me to a CD I received recently from the Commercial Real Estate Alliance of the National Association of Realtors. I receive their updates and this CD was a wake up call. The short version is that we, as a nation, are so far behind in commercial construction technology compared to some middle eastern and Asian countries who are swimming in the oil dollars we have happily been giving them.

The report featured a presentation by a commercial real estate developer who was told he had no clue about the real world because he was so wrapped up in the US. After extensive traveling for 36 months outside the US, he realized we are no longer leaders in most anything in the world. And much of this goes back to a lack of foresight and insight. And if we don’t learn from hindsight we will really end up getting what we have asked for by not allocating the resources to develop energy independence over the past 35 years, and thus be able to remain on the leading edge as innovators, creators, thinkers – and that all leads back to quality education. I don’t mean the rote stuff. I mean critical thinking skills, entrepreneurial enterprises, empowering people to have their own small businesses for the day to day services we need – plumbing, electrical, repairs.

Folks we need to reverse the direction we have been taking. You do have the power. If you don’t like what your elected officials have done or continue to do then VTBO – Vote The Bastards Out! Get rid of the lobbyists who are running the country through the politicians. Demand quality and accountability from those elected and from your government employees.

The end (or hopefully a new beginning).

Real estate this week in Alameda…

909 San Antonio has had a price change from 721K to 694K this past week and I’ll have it open Sunday from 2-4pm. Check it out – come by and say hi!

Don’t kid yourself…even properties that have been on the market for an extended time are now pending. And several that came on the market last week are pending now. People are getting that this just might be a good time to jump into the deep end of the real estate pool.

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Have a great weekend! Call if you have real estate questions….need vendor referrals….many of you know the drill!

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  1. Marilyn, what a wonderful blog, it is so personal AND professional and very upbeat. If I were buying or selling in Alameda, you would definitely be my agent! And I love the curb flowers! Chris Stafford

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